“Today, I turned a year older, wiser and more energetic. My only dear wife [Mary Kilobi] surprised me at my office and presented to me keys to a brand new 2019 Mercedes Benz-CLA Class. Her heartwarming message was also electric. [She said]: ‘May the Almighty God continue to bless you, keep you strong, healthy and happy. May He watch over you for us. Francis Atwoli, unapendwa ajabu! Happy birthday, Mr Amazing!’ Those were the words that the two shared on their social media platforms.

According to www.cars.usnews.com, Atwoli’s latest vehicle goes for at least $33, 100 (Ksh3.4 million) at the foreign showroom. KRA charges an importation tax of Ksh1.7 million on the car, bringing the total cost of the vehicle to Ksh5.1 million. Atwoli will now move with a new machine, thanks to her beloved wife Mary Kilobi Atwoli.

A question that many needs to evaluate at, is whether women should gift their hubbies gifts. Many women outside here champion for a notion that stipulates, ” Your money is ours and my money is mine and mine alone.” Mary Kilobi has proven that she can go beyond the stereotypical notion. Happy Belated Birthday Francis Atwoli.