Where is our money??? This is the question that the part time lecturers at Maasai Mara University are demanding from the school administration. The over 70 lecturers are accusing the school for delaying to pay them their accumulated salaries.

The money in total amounts to Ksh. 107 million.

The part-time tutors who thought the school’s main campus and five other satellite campuses alleges that they are being threatened whenever they demand for their dues from the school.

On 20th November, five among them were arrested by police and detained in Narok Police Station. Confirming the incident, Narok Area deputy OCPD Charles Ouma said that the four were arrested for having an illegal meeting to plan protest and without police knowledge.

They were arraigned in court on 22nd November and each released on bond. Their colleagues however say that is was a tactic by the administration to sabotage their plan to get their dues as the school was bullying them to give up.

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Another colleague Paul Nyamai who was not among those arrested claimed that they were called by an official to negotiate their arrears before being ambushed by the police before arrest. Mr. Nyamai is demanding more than Ksh. 100,000 in payment arrears from the university and has resorted to stay in Nairobi because of security reasons.

Paul’s sentiments were echoed by another of their colleague, Maisiba Oigega whom the school is yet to pay him over Ksh.1.8 million says that some of the arrears dates back to the year 2013.

Maasai Mara University acting Deputy Vice Chancellor Mr. Almadi Obere condemned the act saying that the school did not take part in organizing the arrest as claimed.

“As of now, they are not teaching this semester. They ask to teach for a semester and it is when they completed, marked and returned the scripts that they can place their claims”