Maseno University Couple Found Having Sex In Bush


Looks like students in the Kenyan campuses just won’t quit in making ridiculous and absurd headlines.

After taking major strides in pronouncing that they know how to keep it young and fresh, by partying in the hottest clubs, rolling in the hottest cars and rocking every latest design; they are now on a mission to show the world that getting down and dirty with your partner in public is no biggie.

A couple on heat from Maseno University were yesterday caught pants down as they got real intimate in Lela area.

According to residents the area which is fit for picnics with trees, bushes, rocks and the perfect ambiance for couples is frequently visited by students from Maseno University and the couples caught revealed the reason why so many students tend to visit the place.

Such behavior is common in the neighboring Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology where students were known to be visiting the Muliro gardens specifically for sexual activities.

The Maseno University couple, who were first spotted by young school children, was warned by residents of practicing such acts again and for a lesson was forced to part with 500 shillings in exchange for their clothes and freedom.

In their defense, they lacked enough funds to rent out a room and hence they opted for the public place.

Question is, where did the 500 shillings used to buy their freedom come from? Isn’t a lodging room cheaper than that? Those caught with such mannerisms need to take several seats and think about their lives.