Maseno University Student Leaders write a “Red Letter” To the administration


Maseno university aspiring students speaking on behalf of the students have condemned the decision made by the senate on the student’s acceptance back to the university.This follows the Universities move to charge each student Ksh 3000 as damage fee to repair the property destroyed  during the strike.

In a letter of appeal they termed as “red letter”, that was addressed to the DVC academic and student affairs Maseno university on 11th November, the students appealed for the  Payment of the Ksh3,000 fine for causing disturbance, the payment that is to be made through Kenya Commercial Bank Luanda Branch Account Number 1108378056.

“We wish to express our heartfelt concerns of dissatisfaction with the above conditions and therefore be compelled as concerned students of this university driven by the best of its interests at heart that the Ksh 3000 payment charged on all the students be omitted from among the conditions set for purposes of fairness and justice to students.”  Stated a section of the letter.

According to the aspiring students in the letter, the parameters that were used to arrive at this decision were neither disclosed nor explained to students and as such students remain innocent and mere victims of circumstance.
The senate was also not clear on who are to be the victims and the beneficiaries of the disturbance caused, the measurement used to determine the degree of disturbance caused and the proportionate fine set and how the compensation or repair of disturbance be done,  the purpose and destination of these monies being paid as a fine.
The students augured that the above condition does not bode well with the welfare of students,
“it’s disturbing and unfair since we were all affected by the incidence including the outside community. In fact we are convinced that students were the most affected than any other party and it should be known that some students succumbed to both minor and major injuries and in the process lost one of us, Joshua Mungai as a result of the police brutality.”

Briefing the media briefly after handing over the letter to the DVC academics office, SOMU representatives and presidential candidate,  Walter Mabonga further claimed for a full  compensation to be made to all the aspirants for  having been disrupted by the police frustration during their peaceful and lawful campaigns which they heavily invested their resources in.
“We also want the administration to push the other condition of clearance of all outstanding fee payments owed to the university to be postponed until the time students will be sitting for their end of semester examinations as per the rescheduled university academic calendar as the time given is too limited and therefore making it very difficult and hectic for students to satisfy that condition.” Mabonga added.

By Caleb Koyo.