On Monday the 26th being one of the “slow” days in the office as everyone claims wasn’t that different on my side, but then again who wants to read about that. So this particular day as the calendar indicated was the Exclusive screening of the locally produced ‘Fundimentals’ to the media.

So this wonderful evening started with a kalight meal at the Arfa Lounge and Bar, plus a cocktail was just the one. Alex Konstantaras, the writer and director, Award Winning (this statement needs to be before the name) John Wambugu the D.O.P and the main actor-Gerald Langiri who wasn’t supposed to be there but graced us with his presence, welcomed us into the IMAX movie theater.

THE GENRE: Comedy, Strictly adults only.


The movie is about two Fundi’s Joseph (Gerald Langiri) and his assistant Moses (Charlie Karumi) who run a plumbing cum electrical business in Kinoo. His wife is a stay at home wife who only expects her husband to bring money home at the end of each day, which is normally to her dismay.

Despite Joseph and Moses claiming to be the best Fundis in Kinoo, their unorthodox way of conducting their business is hilarious and will leave you in tears. The entry of a new plumbing company throws all this in jeopardy. Joseph therefore decides to introduce Moses to his new type of business called ‘pipe cleaning’ which is the core story-line of the movie is and the result is pure comedy.

They use simply plumbing terminologies with meanings that only the ADULTS can relate to.


The movie is set at a familiar place that nearly all the Nairobians and almost all Kenyans can relate to if they have been to Nairobi using the Western Corridor. The place itself has its own initial UK-meaning Uko Kinoo. Kinoo is a great setting for the movie because it increases the authenticity of the movie and touches the heart.


I give it a nod as there were various shots that were very well executed in the film. The great sunset view and the awesome morning atmosphere that is depicted when Joseph walks to work. The afternoon session is well depicted on the movie as when Joseph and Moses goes to their favorite hangout spot for lunch can truly see the scorching sun on the scene. Well done Mr. D.O.P.


The first soundtrack to the movie is a little bit off key. I love the RUN TOWN soundtrack version by LonJon-if you didn’t know that’s a Kenyan artist .The Fundi’s truly run Kinoo Town as every woman wants a piece of them thanks to Lizz Njagah who introduces Kalekye Mumo and Neomi Ng’anga to their ‘pipe cleaning services”.


Gerald Langiri and his partner Charlie Karumi fit very well as Gerald happen to be well conversant with the sheng and English language. Charlie acts naïve and was employed by Gerald as a promise he had made to Charlie’s Dad.

Florence Nduta who plays Gerald Langiri’s wife in my own opinion I think was a little bit older for Langiri. However her attitude towards Langiri in the movie is so well portrayed and she is great on screen.

Lizz Njagah is a widow who enjoys a Langiri’s services of “cleaning her pipes” plays a sex starved woman who invites Langiri twice a week for her services. Her sassy and seductive approach on Langiri is so good that every man would want to be in that scene.

Kalekye Mumo plays a housewife whose husband is not satisfying her “pipes”. She gets advice from Lizz Njaga to try the services of the Fundis. She is set on a perceived threesome between her, Lizz Njagah and Gerald Langiri the Fundi.

Neomi Ng’anga a housewife to a butcher guy who is always busy with his business or watching football  also wants to call the fundi’s for some help. Guys, you will WANT to see her seductive prowess.

Neomi Ng’anga who plays the head of the ‘Chap Chap Services’-The company that wants to run down the fundi’s. His bodyguard who acts as a ruthless, nonsensical man compliments Ainea’s whole character. The only mistake or flaw in Ainea’s character is trying to sound like a Mexican Mafia Boss instead of a realistic Kikuyu business man, which according to me would’ve been more realistic. The additional characters are Veronica Waceke, Ruth Maingi, Milkah Ndegwa all played well.

I can just go on and on about the movie however, anything else you need to know, go on and watch the movie yourself!

The Movie will be making PREMIERS on the below dates:

  • 12th February 2015, 6pm GRAND PREMIER at 20th CENTURY PLAZA in Nairobi CBD.
  • 14th February 2015 from 12 noon to midnight “TWO HOURS OF SUNSET” Valentine’s Edition at NGONG RACECOURSE.

Make sure you vote for the people below because they have been nominated to the 2015 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA). The voting link is here.

Check out the trailer for the film here;

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