Matatu Operators have now come out to claim they have lost at least Ksh 4.6 billion since the Michuki Rules crack down begun. They claim to be losing at least Ksh 420 million a day due to some vehicles being impounded while the rest keep off roads for the lack of safety belts.

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PSV Crisis Gets Worse As More Matatus Stay Off The Roads

A minibus ferrying passengers

Since the enforcement of the rules started they have been on a high demand.  Another problem facing them is the fact most of the safety belts that have been fitted on the PSVs are substandard making and they barely go a week without getting damaged.

An estimated number of 80,000 to 90000 matatus is said to be the current number of Matatus that have been forced to stay off the roads so as they comply with the new rules and regulations.

The PSV owners have also complained of frequent harassment by the traffic police who are always demanding for bribes regardless.