The new tax levels in fuel with which is an inclusion of 6% VAT  will cause matatu owners to strike. The announcement on the increased levy in fuel  which was made by the treasury cabinet has rubbed the matatu association the wrong way.  

The increase that is to start on 1st September 2018  sparked mixed emotions among Kenyans with many claiming that this would make the cost of living go up.

The matatu owners have vowed to protest against the hiking of fuel charges and will park matatus on the road leaving commuters stranded. This was brought to the light through the Motorists Association of Kenya who directed drivers to park their vehicles in the middle of roads and protest.

“Please note that the protest against VAT high fuel prices set for Wednesday 22nd August 2018 is still on. However,time for parking your vehicles on the road has been extended by 3 hours. That is from 7:30AM to 10:30AM. Share widely#Kot#Mak advocacy’’

The protest which is set to take place on Wednesday 22nd has been confirmed and will take place from 7:30AM to 10:30AM which will clash with the rush hour and this is expected to create a snarl up on the roads.