Despite President Uhuru’s approval of graffiti on matatus, two buses bearing his image were impounded yesterday in Mombasa. Traffic officers in Mombasa inspected and impounded all vehicles with graffiti and tinted windows.

Six vehicles, including the two with Uhuru’s pictures, were impounded regardless the President’s directive on November 5 to allow matatu owners to paint their vehicles with graffiti. Uhuru had said the move will help youth use their talent to earn a living. Graffiti and loud music were banned from matatus in 2003 by Transport minister John Michuki.

However, the matatu owners argued that the President had allowed graffiti on PSVs. They said they had not committed any offence and they will incur losses by removing the graffiti.

“Uhuru’s photo cost me Sh20,000 and it is less than a week old. Is this really fair?” said a matatu owner identified as Abeid.

The Transport ministry is working on a bill to allow graffiti on matatus in line with the President’s directive. Impounding of these matatu’s is said to be spreading and might come to a stage near you!

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Source: The Star