Road accidents have been on the rise in recent days and while that has been happening, the blame game hasn’t stopped yet.

However, it seems like that is about to change and those responsible in certain sectors will now be expected to take responsibility for areas gone wrong starting with the Inspector General Joseph Boinnet. Boinnet yesterday had a hard time explaining the increasing number of accidents on Kenyan roads to the parliamentary committee who now want him to resign.

Next in line will be PSV owners and the passengers themselves as both the Ministry of Transport and ministry of interior have vowed to revive the infamous Michuki rules as from November 12, 2018.

The rules include having all PSV fitted with speed governors, safety belts and continuous yellow line. Conductors will also be required to wear a uniform and prominently display their photos as required by the law and of course, the culture of carrying excess passengers is expected to be done away with.

This comes just two weeks after the Fort Tenan road crash in Kericho which saw 58 people lose their lives.