China has continued to dominate in the country for different errands. They have now invaded Gikomba Market in Nairobi. Chinese are now infiltrating the Mutumba market that has adversely affected the local Kenyans who are into the business.

An alarm has been raised that the Chinese clothes are quite cheap compared to those selling Mutumba clothing who have good quality than theirs.  They have been reported to be in Gikomba for over 5 months.

SGR is a project funded by the China Government. From SGR, the Chinese are now penetrating the Kenyan market. Someone said we are running into Colonialism by the China Government.

Who’s to blame for the entry of China into our local market? Skeptics have noted that the traders have also created employment to the local Kenyans. Someone may be sleeping in his or her work .

A question that keeps pounding on the minds of many is how the Chinese got a license to trade in our markets. If this trend keeps going on, we shall have a market where our own locals have no room.










The variance in prices of the Mutumba has also played in. Gikomba traders have expressed their dissatisfaction and now calls for government to intervene. Interior CS. Matiang’i also ordered for deportation of seven Chinese who were found illegally in the country.

We need to monitor the moves of our creditors as a country or less we might be forced to learn a new language at the expense of neo-colonialism.