Mayonde releases her second video this year featuring rapper Stonee Jiwe in which they praise and appreciate their city, Nairobi. The singer seems to be on a roll and we are not even half way into the year. As usual she exhibits charm and prowess.

The video features shots of different parts of the city showing the life within from the hustle to day to day activities to the party life. There is a lot of wit expressed not only in the video where Mayonde and Stonee have their photograph taken at the monument at Central Park but also in the lyrics where Stonee Jiwe refers to Mayonde as “Mayoyo” and says “…niko idhaa ya mapararira ka nganya…”

Mayonde’s voice and word play bring the song to life when she mentions different parts of Nairobi. The children singing along to the song and winking in the video make it all the more adorable. The song’s liveliness is further enhanced by Jiwe’s B-boy dance, the colour in the graffiti and Mayonde’s attire. The song goes deep in to appreciating the different people who live in Nairobi from foreigners to street kids to shouting out the hustlers na “madem supu”. It was produced by Real Tym Music and the video directed and shot by Joan Poggio.

This is definitely a big step toward promoting unity and togetherness. Watch the video and share your thoughts with us.