labbeaten2903AThey clean up our messes and make our homes beautiful, but interestingly enough, some of us tend not to appreciate the much or the little they have to offer. House help plays the integral part in our houses. To a larger extend we who are born in those houses, have the notion that they are to even wash our faces.  This is the reason behind harsh titles for them like mboch.The things this people are exposed to are not human enough. they are born of a woman just as we all are and have the same blood and flesh running through our veins and covering our skeletons beneath respectively. We misuse them and overwork them and yet we do not know where our fate lays after school. Some are forced to do a bit of house helping to enable them stand on their feet. Not saying that we’ll end up being like they that work in our houses but a little respect and family love will do.

Greeting the gate officer in the morning or evening and getting to know how they are doing, shows the love for humanity.  They all need the same things you need, the need to be taken care of and respected. Make a point of having some time for those who are working around your houses, school gates and even behind desks. Appreciation takes them an extra mile.