We have all watched the Kenyan comedy industry grow over the past years to be where it’s what currently.

Comedy has now become a full time job to many people thanks to the fore fathers like Kajairo and Churchill who took the risk to introduce something different to what people were used to.

Through the Churchill Show we have seen many people grow their brands like Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy, Jalang’o and of course our man for today’s topic, MC Jessy.

We all got to know MC Jessy through the Churchill show and to be precise the Thursday edition which he used to host wholly by himself. Well the comedian has grown his brand to the point where he is now having international shows and he is currently in Scotland.

So the MC decided to share a picture of himself having a good time in Scotland wearing a Kilt or what many people here would consider a skirt many people didn’t seem to appreciate his mode of dressing.

People quickly begun to attack him in the comments section with some even calling him gay. In his caption he had actually suggested trying to wear some right here after he comes back to the country but with all the hate comments we doubt if he will even think about it again.