They say when you’re in Rome you do as the Romans do. So while I’m in Tanzania let me do as our brothers in bongo land do.
When I first heard the name Biko Macoins Mashilingi, I asked myself, ” Who calls themselves macoins?” This was until I met the young lad lad and got to know him… Now, I admire him!

For those of us who recall the Africa Social Media Awards, this gentleman won Africa’s Most Influential on Social Platforms. Before this turn of events, Biko was only famous to those who knew him. His project the Love Tour KE which is aimed at helping the needy in the society, has sparked lots of buzzing among Kenyan organizations, appalled by the means he uses to help and support this cause; Photography.

Biko, a proud resident of the Kibera slum, seeps into the hearts of many with his undeniable talent of capturing a situation with his camera. His aim, to show and tell a different story about the slums, is clearly portrayed in the still pictures he takes everyday as he walks, talks and breathes for his brand, Slum Photography.

When you meet him, don’t be deceived by hid rough physique or edgy demeanor; inside he is a hearty, warm and sensitive artist who will one day be one of Africa’s best.

His main purpose for starting Slum Photography was to educate kids and share life stories through his lens. He then came up with a non-profit foundation known as, The Love Tour, and has dedicated his life to spreading the love of Christ to the world, and to these kids.  By sharing their stories Biko gives them hope for a better future and better life.

Follow him. Read about him. Love him.

You can check out Biko’s slum photography on his blog: and follow on instagram: