Dogo Biggie aka Albert Deuson Maloa was featured in Mgaa Gaa Na Upwa on Citizen Tv awhile back. He is an 19 year old orphan who with this platform has sowly but surely built his stand in the music industry. I was lucky to catch up with this handsome Tanzanian-Kenyan on what he has been upto since the feature.
Welcome to Varcity, Umekuwa ukiendelea vipi tangu ujipate katika kipindi cha Mgaa Gaa Na Upwa?
Kipindi hicho kimenifungulia milangi mengi. I was lucky to find many sponsors to produce my music. I have the likes of Job Mwaura and William Tuva  who have really supported me. It was also after the show that I released my song ‘Moyo Wangu Hauati Tama‘ and even worked with Grandpa Records.
Please tell us about your Music journey?
Mwanzo wa safari yangu kamma mwana muziki haikuwa nyepesi. Nilianza kupata fedha huku Kisumu nikihustle na kufanya uchuzi. Pesa nilizo zipata ndizo nilizo zitumia kurekodi muziki katika studio za mtaani. William is the one who allowed me to feature in an event at Technical University of Kenya that I was later feature in Mambo Mseto Citizen. Sasa niko pale nilipo kwa Baraka za Mungu.
If I’m not mistaken, you were featured in ‘Fimbo’s’ video, how did it feel and  was it being part of such a big hit?
Ilikuwa poa. Ilikuwa kana kwamba walikubali kipaji change . I didn’t really expect to work with them.
Earlier you had mentioned that you had worked with Grandpa Records. How did you find it and what did you work on together?
While working with them , I released my song ‘Moyo Wangu Haukati Tama’. That’s of course besides kutokea kwa video ya Fimbo. I would say it was a great experience.
You say it was a great experience, what did you learn as an artist from the popular and well known GrandPa?
I learnt a lot. I learnt they can really push a musician and I genuinely appreciate all the support they gave me while I worked with them.
You’ve been silent for a while ;what have you been working on?
Tangu nitoe ngoma yangu ya ‘Moyo…’ I’ve been looking for a big hit that will sell a much and of course also working on a quality video.
So there’s an upcoming project that we should await?
Yes, I am working on a song with ManWater, producer wa Ali Kiba, who works with a Combination Sound studio. I will not disclose the name but just await a great piece.
You seem to work very closely with Eternity DJs, how would you say it working with them in general?
I would like to clarify that, I do not only work with the disc jockeys but I’m signed to Eternity Music. They are a great team and they’ve really helped me during my journey as an artist.
Please give us a bit about your new song ‘Pesa’ and what inspired it?
Generally, it’s simple. All of us are looking for money. Money was one of my challenges after my ‘Moyo..’ release. So basically, Money is a very essential part of our lives so it’s a song that people can relate too.
As an artist, what’s your sole purpose of producing music?
My reasons for embracing Music are:
Music is my way of passing a message to others. I feel that it’s the best I can pass my perspectives and opinions to the world.
Music is my life. I live for my  music.
It adds value to my life. Music can take someone from a person of no say to a person who’s well respected.
From all the songs you have already released, is it safe to say that you major in Bongo music as a genre?
I am a Bongo artist. That is not something I would even think is unclear.
I don’t really have a lot of knowledge on the music industry but I’m aware Bongo is more popular in Tanzania than Kenya. What do you think of Bongo music in the music industry in Kenya?
Best believe that Bongo flavour actually sells in Kenya. Most artist such as BahatI and Willy Paul sing Bongo flavour. Kapukka is also well liked but Bongo has it lovers.

What’s your take on the music industry in Kenya?
All I can say is, Kenyan artist need to support each other. Yes, there’s competition but it would be best if we support each other. DJs should hype Kenyan music and artists should help each other grow.
Any advice you’d give to artist your age in the industry?
Music needs passion and hard work. Be dedicated and don’t give up.

Who are your music role models? Every artist has someone or people they look upto who would you say is your role model and if so why?
Wasanii ambao naweza sema nafukuzia ni Ali Kiba, Mr. Flavour, Diamond and Chameleon. I admire their creativity and hardwork.

What’s your favorite song and Kenyan artist as we speak?
(Without any hesitation) Nerea by Sauti Sol.

Pardon me if this is intrusive but this is the question most single ladies are eager for me to ask. Are you seeing anyone?
(He laughs) No, mchumba wangu ni muziki.

Lastly, before I forget why’d you choose to be called ‘Dogo Biggie’?
I choose Dogo Biggie because I’m small but I produce great things. Miye si mkubwa kwa wote na siko mdogo kwa wote.