#MCM Innocent Kiarie: DJ Joe Mfalme’s Social Media Strategist

Innocent Kiarie is proof that you do not need a university degree to have something going for yourself. The social media strategist runs his own company at a tender age and has managed to work with big names.

Read his humor-filled story and be inspired.

What is your full name?

My full name is Innocent Bernard Kiarie Njogu. The government knows me as Bernd, my friends call me Innocent or Avocado Mafia and no, my first name doesn’t reflect my character!

How old are you?

21 but 18 till I die.

Are you a student? Where do you go to school?

I was or still am a student (I don’t even know anymore). I tried going back to school but with my schedule i couldn’t juggle the two.

How would you describe the job or business you do?

Well, I have a company called Urbamic Media.

We are a professional social media management and strategy company. We offer a variety of services with our niche that is, content development and social media management. Alongside our core business we have packages tailored for individuals, brands, companies and small business that would want to have a better presence on social feeds and mainstream media channels.

I am also an amateur photographer.


Who have you worked for so far?

I have worked with many people but the most memorable were, The Oloo Collections, The Informer Kenya and Xpose Limited.

I am currently working with Joe Mfalme Limited. Negotiations with two other companies that i want to work with are running.

What challenges have you come across in your journey and what keeps you going?

My type of work is a bit tricky. It sometimes takes a lot of convincing for someone who is used to the old conventional methods to switch to advertising in the new modern age.

Also, getting people to take you seriously when you talk about professional social media management and marketing is hard. Some people think it’s easy, I mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+…anyone with a phone can do postings, right? But there is a lot of planning and thought that goes on behind that PC or phone before I post something.

My passion for social media keeps me going. I have been doing this since 2012. No matter what I do in life I always end up back in social media .I once used to sell male clothes and I got all my clients through social media. I deferred from school for work that involved social media and refused to sign a work contract that wasn’t favorable so as to start a social media company. Patience and persistence keep me going as well.

innocent kiarie

Are you in a relationship?

Well, Innocent Bernd Kiarie Njogu who is tall, dark and hungry is single like the pope. A stripper pole gets more action than I do. Potential females are welcome to submit their relationship profiles. I like my women the way I like my ugali, healthy. If you can handle my crazy schedule then you are welcome.


What are your goals/where do you see yourself in the future?

I want to provide extensive social media coverage for businesses in the ever changing world and to become a leading social media entity. I also want early retirement, I have life plan that if it works out will see me retire at an early age of 50. I don’t want to have my child telling me ‘’Daddy, i want pocket money’’ when i am 75. I need to have real problems like where to go on vacation or which house to spend my weekend in.

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