#MCM Kelvin Musyoka of Rembo International Doing It Big!


Having a start-up business is not the easiest thing but this hasn’t stopped 23 year old Kelvin Musyoka from making strides since beginning his fashion label, Rembo International, in 2014.

The idea of starting his own fashion brand came to him in 2013. He had been selling mitumba dresses in Machakos for about a year at a kibanda he co-owned with his friend. However, the kibanda fell and he and his partner took different paths.


In 2014 he received his first order to make jackets from his brother’s colleagues after he wore one Kelvin had designed to a work related dinner.  Kelvin however blew the money because of excitement of having what was to him a first big order.

Kelvin is also a 4th year student of Business Management at Moi University. His area of study equips him here and there in running his business.  He moved from making denim jackets to two-in-one kitenge themed jackets, pillows and even travelling bags.


Kelvin’s main aim is to make Rembo International the biggest brand in Africa. He draws inspiration from brands like Fubu and Nike which have taken their brands to a whole new level in fashion. He says that branding is something not too many designers in Kenya take too seriously even though they have good products. This poses a challenge to their work and progress. He says:

“People want to make money not to sell brands,”

rembo international

Challenges faced

The challenges he faces with Rembo however are getting customers, pricing his products; sometimes customers do not see the value of the products, copy cats; people who lack creativity and are less innovative and lazy copy his designs.

“Your idea is your first capital”

But Kelvin has managed to rise above these challenges to make meaningful steps in his career.



He has gotten the chance to dress celebrities like Mr.T, Eko Dydda and Owago Nyiro. He has also attended the Malindi Fashion Gala and Slam Fashion Africa to speak about his brand. Kelvin has had people come up to him commending him for being a source of inspiration to them.


Kevin cites one of his favorite quotes.

“Don’t wait to be great to start, start to be great,”

“Don’t chase money, do what you love, that should be your main goal,” Kelvin Musyoka advices anybody looking to be an entrepreneur. He also says to be careful of exploitation, he too was once conned when he accepted to sell an outfit on credit,

“Avoid credit sales as much as you can, Many dreams are killed by this.”


Kelvin states creating employment for the youth and sustaining the economy among the things he would like to achieve. He says that each product carries a dream. His is to offer a helping hand in society by donating clothing and building boreholes in areas where water is insufficient. On 1st April 2016, Kelvin Musyoka will be taking Rembo International to Michael Joseph Centre for a fashion show.

rembo international

Visit his shop at Nacico chambers opposite Tuskys Beba Beba, Stall 21 or call 0716169070 to order. Also Follow Rembo International on Facebook and twitter or email them at rembointernational@gmail.com