#MCM Le Band : The Future Of Boy Bands In Kenya

I’ve heard of Le Band so much from my friends; I was beside myself to finally meet them. I happen to have missed all their concerts sadly, but all the people who recommend them are good eared music lovers so trust me when I say they are GOOD!!

Le Band is definitely THE BAND!! It’s a four man band with the best combination of vocals ever. There’s : Ken aka The Man With The Bass!! (Yes, the guy who’s got the women coming.), Fidel Shammah aka Captain Charisma, Joel Maina aka Chokoraa Mjanja who singa and plays the piano and lastly Chris Masika. They’ve released two songs : Kantai and Heartbeat to my Soul.

Q: When did you start singing, as a band? How did Le Band come up?

Ken: We started singing individually since childhood but as a band on Feb 2014 at Kiota Fest. Our manager (Jeff) called some about 8 guys who could sing to come together to perform and on doing a phenomenal job, we realised we could make a pretty great band.So yeah, Le Band started with George, K2, Chris,Fidel, Davie, Papa and I.

Q: What happened to the rest of the guys, I mean now you’re now 4?

Joel: It’s just band dynamics. That’s basically it.

Q: Why did you chose each other as band members? What do you like about each other?

We have one thing in common and that’s the Passion For Music. We are brothers and we do an amazing job together. Le Band is like a family. We are friends who have a similar interest and passion. We chose each other because we know together we can make the best music.

Q: You’ve had performed at concerts like Hakuna Matata Festival and live influences at Alliance, What’s the best thing about performing?

The best thing about performing is the audience response. The screams from the crowd just just make you feel like you’re actually doing something. They give you a certain rush and syche. Also the crowd control is amazing. How you can tell your audience to do a dance move and they do it so faithfully.

Q: With that, what’s your best performance?

We don’t really have a best performance . We learn something new from all our performances. Though if we were to think about it New Flame concert was a great performance. If we keep our syche and performance level as high as we did then we’d be going no where but up.

Q: What are the challenges facing you as upcoming artists?

Time management as we have to balance school and our music career. It can be a bit tricky. As someone like Ken who’s doing Mechatronics it’s hard to fit a universal practice time.Of course that goes hand in had with location. A band has many members who live in different places so we have to find a centralised location to practice.

Financial support is an universal challenge. We need money to produce our music and all. Given we are still students it’s quite a hustle.

Also finding a media platform to showcase your music is a big challenge because radio stations have a tendancy of giving big artists a priority.

Exploitation is also a challenge most upcoming artists face. People can make you perform and refuse to pay you. Or even underpay you because you’re an upcoming band.

Q: That’s a lot of challenges, how do you manage? What would you advice upcoming bands to do to get as far you are?

Of course time management is all you. It’s all about dedication. Withe the money, make money from what you do best sing and perform. You don’t really need to solely depend on a sponsor.
As for the exploitation make sure you use legal practice to secure your payment. Sign contracts if you have to. Also be aware of you’re worth cause if you’re not you’ll be easily used in the music industry.

Q: You mentioned that you’re university students, would you mind telling us what you’re studying and where?

Ken: I’m taking Mechatronics at JKUAT Juja.
Fidel : I’m a student at University Of Nairobi studying Law.
Joel: I’m doing Music at Daystar University.
Chris is into large scale farming.
Q: What genre of music do you sing?

We lean towards Afro Pop mainly. However we can perform genre of all sorts. Whatever you want be it rock, electro ,you name it. We can do it.
Q: What artists would you like to do collabos with?

KING KAKA, he obviously first in the list.; Ceci Sagini, Ythera, Tear Drop, Kiu, H_art the Band.
Q: Who is your best local artist /song. Why?

Best local song, that’s a tough question. There very many nice Kenyan songs.
As for the best artist, Sauti Sol are our icon as they opened the gates for upcoming Kenyan artist. They’ve made a path for Kenyan artist as they’ve shown the world Kenyan bands like ourselves have potential. Where Sauti Sol is now took a long time (say 10 years) though now for a band it’s less of a hustle because there’s more respect for Kenyan bands.

Q: What’s your vision? Say 10 years where would you like to be as a band?< /em>
We’d like music to sustain us. We’d like to live on, by and for our music.
As Le Band we also want to diversify Kenyan music. We’d like Kenyan not to be restricted to one type of music but to be great in all genres. It would also be awesome to travel with our music.
Q: If you were to meet a public figure who would it be? Why?

Fidel : It would be Don Jazzy: He’s productions are all good. There’s nothing he’s produced that’s not on it’s own level of EPIC!!

Q: You sang ‘Kantai’ and it’s quite a catchy song, what made you come up with a song like that? What inspires your ,music as a whole?
Fidel: We were just talking to each other and thought. If someone can do something then why should it be hard for another. Then we got inspired and wrote it. The aspect of incorporating  the tongue twister ‘Kantai’ came after the idea.
Our music is inspired basically by what happens around us and everyday situations.

Q: Should we await any album?

Yeah, we’re about to release a new album : Sweet Paradise. During the next live influence which is soon, we’ll release a pre-album.

There, that’s Le Band for you. They are pretty cool people, aren’t they? Well, all I can do is wish them all the best in their music journey. Maybe I’m just tripping but from the passion in their eyes as they talk about music, I won’t be surprised if they ended up bigger than Sauti Sol. Yes, ladies they look as good as the sing.

Le Band is our MCM#, What’s sexier than a man who has a good voice?!

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