#MCM MAFISILETTES!! Here Is a list of Sexy Kenyan Men for you to Drool Over


we all see the typical guys ladies like to thirst over but at my tender age, I feel kinda weird thirsting over much older men (the likes of Chilobae and Sauti Sol) so I compiled a list of young hot guys for my fellow ladies who feel the same way.  I guarantee you you’ll like what you see.

-Daniel Peter Weke

You’ll remember this guy from the hit TV series “Mali”. I remember tuning in to the show just because I wanted to see his face.

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-Martin Kimathi

Host of Teen Republik on NTV, they definitely did good putting this gorgeous man on our TV screens weekly didn’t they?

So the weekend starts today😎 let’s do it right

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-Pascal Tokodi

This Prey & Pray actor is one of the only reasons most tune in to the show. It’s understandable though, I mean just look at him!

@dilrayltd always comes through! Shukran brother!

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-Iddi the Singer

His voice is just as amazing as his looks and those are facts.

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-Nick Mutuma

Yet another fine Kenyan actor. You may also remember his highly dissed song “254 Anthem” which wasn’t even bad but y’all are just haters.


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-Jay A

There’s just something so adorable about his looks which is unusual for a rapper but there’s just something about him.

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-Aslay Isihaka

You must know him as the leader of the recently broken up Yamoto Band (and the most attractive in the group). Truly a fine Tanzanian man.

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-Sean Andrew

One thing I know for sure is that women of all ages feast their eyes on this fine creation.

How you doing? 😊

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-Joel of Le Band

Whenever I watch their music videos or live videos, he’s the one I search for even if he’s standing way at the back. His looks and vocals are always on point.


-Otile Brown

He’s been my crush since the first day I heard of him. He’s so handsome and in a classy, mature way.

Tbt 2016 .. sikuizi nimenenepa Ka pumabvu 🤣🤣😂😂I need to retain this

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