#MCM Meet David Julius Mr University 2015/16 ; He Owes It All To God


David Julius was crowned Mr University 2015/16 and he has been walking on cloud 9 ever since. His tall stature and built body explain how he landed the much coveted title. We sat with his to find out more about him;

  1. How old are you?


  1. Why did you enter the Mr and Miss University Kenya pageant?

I entered the pageantry because I wanted to represent my university and I also saw it as a huge opportunity to advance in modeling on a bigger platform.

  1. How long have you been interested in pageantry?

I have been interested in it since last year after I was crowned Mr. Daystar. I really never saw myself with the potential to be a model but my friends saw this potential in me and pushed me into seeing it and that is how I am in modeling today.

  1. What will you do with your new found title?

I plan to work with the Ministry or Education and Universities across the country to re-brand the face of our universities and see what ways we can nurture talent and gifting among university students as well as improve their education and welfare in their respective universities.

  1. How does it feel to have been selected from the other contestants?

Honestly it is very humbling. This is because I did not see myself making it to the top title. I was thinking I maybe would make it to 2nd runners up or at my very best and with all the luck in the world, 1st runners up but not the winner. However, as it turned out I was crowned Mr. University Kenya and that is still sinking to date. I give God all the Glory because I really didn’t see myself with the top title. It’s all God’s favour; it’s all His doing.

  1. Of all the various segments in the show, from African wear to talent to evening, which was your favourite category and why?

My favourite category was the dinner wear. This is because I looked back at how everyone was dressed and it was nothing short of stunning. Moreover, the dinner wear category had special runway choreography thanks to ABC and for some of us, the choreography had subliminal themes and that totally rocked the show. The ladies were gorgeously jaw dropping and the gentlemen were unparalleled in their element. It crowned the night and in such a vivid way that will last a lifetime.

  1. Being in the Mr and Miss University Kenya pageant required a lot of your time. How did you balance with your school work?

It was very hectic to say the least. It came at a time I had work study hours to complete and I was overseeing captain of the Daystar Basketball Team. I had a discipleship class to graduate from and other duties as Mr. Daystar and co-curriculum activities in school. I had to sacrifice a lot of other things, delegate some of my duties, forgo rest and Lord knows how I prayed for Strength, Endurance and Grace as I was going through a very rough time then. He faithfully saw me through it. I always planned my time, delegated what I could and above all ask for God’s help in everything.

  1. What are your future plans?

I plan to closely work with Pambazuka Entertainment Limited who are the pillars behind Mr. and Miss University Kenya on various charity events that we have been working on this year and plan to initiate soon. These are now aimed at helping children from low income families get an education as well as cater for their basic needs. We also teach them in ways that would influence their upbringing in a Godly and responsible way to inspire these children unto discipline, excellence and the will to overcome their challenges; to make a better life for themselves in the future and help others who were in their position as well.

  1. Are you in a relationship? If yes, how is your partner dealing with your new title?

Yes I am and very happy and encouraged by the support and advice she has been offering to me. It was like my victory was also hers as well and I really appreciate her for her positive attitude in the whole journey to date.

  1. Other than yourself, which other contestant did you feel deserved to win and why.

Well, I really cannot say one person specifically because truth be told everybody was on their A game that night. Almost everyone killed the show in a given category like just to mention a few Maurice Nyaga, Bryan Mengich both from Kenyatta University and Kevin Owiti from Catholic University of East Africa in the creative wear totally killed the show. Ashton Chinga from Maseno University reigned in the talent presentation. Emmanuel Aketch for me made a spectacular show in the dinner category and I have not even mentioned the outfits that the other contestants had. All these guys had a legit claim to the title and rightfully so by virtue that they were inn their A game and some of them have more experience in modeling than I do.

  1. You are a God-fearing young man. Which church do you go to?

I go to different churches because I am always on the move. In Nairobi I attend Mavuno, All saints, Purpose Centre and Citam Karen or NPC valley road. In Kisumu I am at St. Stevens, JCC or my home church ACK Emmanuel Church. In Limuru I’m at PCEA Ngecha and I am at home in all these churches.

  1. What advice would you give somebody who is interested in entering a pageant?

My advice would be do it for the passion, for the love of it. Modeling is very challenging and the industry is also becoming flooded. These days are not like it was around 10 years ago when it was still a thing for a select few and so on. What will get you through is your passion in it, the extra you put in, and the unique aspect that will define you. Again pageantry is not about looks only but what backs it up; your character, your personality, what you do in the society to make a positive impact. Pageantry goes beyond your own person and it requires one to of a reputable character and selfless inn dedicating yourself to be a force to transform the society for the good. Without that then you are like any other model with nothing to show about yourself but your own self.

  1. What do you love about Daystar University?

I love so many things about Daystar and chief among them is that it is founded and operates upon the Christian Faith and principles. This in itself creates a different kind of atmosphere that you would rarely find in other institutions. I also love the principle of servant leadership, the growth in one’s spiritual life as well as the high standards, reputation and credibility one is guaranteed of as a product of Daystar.

  1. What do you do in your spare time when you are not in school?

I play basketball as a power forward or a center. I am also an upcoming producer specializing in instrumentals in line with my passion for music. I also value my relationships very much and so I always look for time to connect with friends and family. Traveling and adventure is also my thing so I also go for long hikes or cycling in the wild landscape around. As a Christian I also seek to be involved in church work and charity which is also a major part of my work as Mr. University Kenya. I am also involved in various development projects back at home whenever I’m there.

  1. You are studying broadcast journalism, who is your favorite news anchor or reporter?

My favourite news anchors and reporters include CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Wolf Blitzer and Gordon Ramsey. I also adore Julie Gichuru and Larry Madowo. Their journey to where they are today is something I admire and respect my role models. I also must make a special mention of Off side’s Kinyanjui and Hapa Kule’s  Fred Omondi. These guys should be arrested for being too hilarious!

  1. Which media channel would you love to work for?

I would love to work for KTN or NTV. I like them for their objectivity as well as the platform they offer in the industry in terms of practicing journalism. I love the way NTV does their programming and it has branded itself. I have also worked with KTN on a number of occasions and it was a good experience therefore I really look forward to join either of the two media houses.

  1. What advice would you give a man interested in pageantry?

My advice would be for him to aim at creating a brand for the male or Mr. aspect of pageantry. I feel like pageantry in Kenya is more of pro-Miss than Mr. which is a natural effect of the modeling industry. As much as naturally it is female models who rule this industry, I feel like there is immense potential still lurking on the male side. There is the great possibility of creating and establishing a strong and definitive male brand in pageantry that has the ability to shape the Kenyan male fashion industry and trends as well.