#MCM Njuru Mwangi: The Young Entrepreneur Behind Sufuria.com

Our MCM today is one Njuru Mwangi. He is a young entrepreneur with a vision to take Kenyan recipes to great heights. Learn more in our chat below:

How old are you?

I am 24 years young.

Which Uni do you rep?

Strathmore University. I learned or still learning a great deal from the business incubation Centre (iBiz Africa). They have helped nature me in terms of business.

Have you always enjoyed cooking?

Always had a passion for cooking ever since I was a kid. But where I went to high school there was no home science but I found computers there and grew in love with them and now I am combining the two to make Sufuria.com work.

When did you establish Sufuria.com?

The idea was conceived in 2014 but the beta version of the website went live in February 25th 2015.

Why did you establish sufuria.com?

To help people have a one stop shop when it comes to African foods.

What is your inspiration behind the website?

My greatest inspiration is when I get emails from people who tried a certain recipes that they came across from our site. That is my ultimate joy.

There are various cooking blogs, what makes sufuria.com different?

We are having chef certified recipes this is one among the many.

Is all your time dedicated to it?

Yes I am now working full time on this.

What are your hopes for sufuria.com?

Well I couldn’t say “Hopes” but the future of Sufuria is to see people across Africa trying different recipes and sharing what we have. The diversity in food is so great here in Africa and are in the verge of embracing it.

Some men are embarrassed about been seen cooking. What would you tell these guys?

Really embarrassed I don’t think that’s true. It’s only that in African culture we perceive that the kitchen is a woman’s place which is actually not the case. We can now see more men becoming chefs.

Do you come up with your own recipes?

Everyone does come up with their own recipes only that we do so without our knowledge. Else why doesn’t all the tea taste different everywhere?

Which is your favorite dish?

Well favorite dish I can’t pick I try and taste different food from time to time and I always get impressed with how people are becoming more and more creative when it comes to cooking.

Some people think men are better cooks, do you believe so?

Well I choose not to deny or accept that but as I said earlier on we see more and more men are becoming professional when it comes to the kitchen. Ladies just find it easy cooking I don’t know why.

Other than cooking, what are your interests?

I love computers, I don’t know if that falls under interest…. I play chess (Pro). Farming, and also I have a soft spot for kids (yet to get my own though).


What are your plans and aspirations as a young entrepreneur? 

Creating jobs and having people make a decent leaving from what you started is my ultimate goal. Also having a publicly trading company is another one which to me is very possible in the next 10 years.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Happily married maybe expecting my second born who knows.

Any final words? 

Get your hands “dirty”. If you have an idea try it you would rather fail than not trying at all. Do your research on what you’re starting remember you are not building something to solve your own problem? Listen to your users and customers as well. This are the drivers in any business.

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