Swabir Mohammed is well known as Redsan. He’s a Kenyan artist who still makes good music a decade into the industry which says a lot as not many people have survived. Redsan is an amazing artist at collabos with the best of artists be it in Kenyan or Internationally.

┬áBesides his music career, this hottie has manage to keep a stable relationship with Delilah. He’s a man with a great career and a place to call home. Isn’t that admirable?
Here’s something you didn’t know about Redsan.
On the 6th of October last year, Redsan and his entourage were arrested after they refused to be screened and stormed out of the International Trade Fair in Nairobi. One of the men was spotted with a gun and that raised suspicion that they were terrorist. The police tailed the car and believe it or not, our king of dance hall slept in a cell that fateful night. Turned out the gun was licensed so they were released. That’s the bit that’s confusing. Was there need for the race? Oh well,…that’s history.
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