#MCM Tim Kingoo: The Humble Actor, Poet, Writer and Director


    Tim Kingoo is a tripple threat as he is a writer, poet and actor. One of the famous jobs he has done is the Britam ad. Whenever we hear someone say “ai” we put a face to the sound. That of a young man that rapidly grows right in front of our eyes in one of our local ads. The face belongs to none other than Tim Kingoo.

    He is a professional actor who has featured in more than six short films and four full length feature films. He has also appeared as a guest actor in local programs such as Tahidi High and one in a million. He has also done a couple of TV ads including the famous ‘ai’ BRITAM ad.

    Tim Kingoo has vast experience in stage performance having started out as a set book actor and currently works for phoenix players.

    He aspires to direct plays and film and write for both as well. He is currently working behind the scenes as a technical person at phoenix theaters.

    Tim’s mantra is: “YOURE SPECIAL” and he uses this to lead him in his day to day life. His humility and down to earth nature is what makes Tim our #MCM for today.