The young 24 year old is always gracing our screens with a naïve kind of humor as a man that’s always under domination from his female spouses. Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, has also hosted a show on ECN radio and is a down to earth, humble and as lovable as portrayed. Learn more in our chat below.

Which college do you rep and what do you love about it?

KIMC is the college and the family feel from the alumnus is what i like about it even after school is over

Describe Timo in three words and Njugush in three words.

Timo is the smart one while Njugush is the Naive one.

How do you feel when people call you Njugush?

It feels nice and appreciated. it means people are watching my shows your relationship with Awiti……in few words.

Relationship with Awiti is always one sided she always calls the shots.

When did comedy begin for you?

Comedy began since childhood. Used to act in Sunday school so it grew gradually.

Tell us about your most embarrassing moment.

There was this time when a woman hugged me in town and we fell. LOL every eye was on us!!

Do many people recognize you on the streets? What’s the craziest thing a fan has done when they saw you?

A lady gave me a peck in front of my mom in town .

Where do you see yourself in five years?

5yrs time more shows and dynamics in terms of characters played.

What are your plans for Timo and what can we expect from him?

I expect Timo to push Njugush to maximum limits. And of course search for more grazing grounds for Njugush.

Have you ever played a serious role?

I never had a serious role that’s what I should do next.

Your character in Real House helps of Kawangware is as a ladies man, are you a ladies man?

In real life am not a ladies man

Are you in a relationship? With whom

Yes I am with a lady that I met while in college n still going strong. I prefer to keep her chini ya maji, but she’s a total hottie.

What advice would you give to upcoming actors?

I would ask them to never give up and to always be in their best form because you never know who’s watching.

By @cynthiatuts