Aside from the Doctors’ strike and the arrest of the CBA 7 as they advocate for better medical services, equipment and pay, there are underlying issues that our future doctors may be faced with.

Medical students of the University of Nairobi, Moi University as well as the Medical Students Association of Kenya joined the doctors in their strike not only because of the impending lecturers’ strike that has caused them to be out of class but also to urge the government to agree to the implementation of the CBA.

They also feel like their careers may be jeopardized with the new system to set in that requires them to apply for internships as opposed to being absorbed into employment as has been happening. The 7th year of med-school is considered an academic year as they are posted to various hospitals to gain experience as interns. Some medical students are worried that this may cause them to lack employment opportunities in the future. With the rise of corruption levels in our country some students are afraid that it would get the best of institutions in charge of posting them to their respective stations and that nepotism, tribalism might thrive as the process takes place. With this favoured students might be posted to hospitals that are in favourable areas while others are sent to remote and less developed areas. While their concerns are merely speculative they are genuine.

Many medical students must be a frustrated lot as their curriculum is long, challenging, demanding and their tuition expensive. Surely our health providers deserve a brighter future.