2mbili was recently the Kenyan face of the just concluded Laugh festival that attracted comedians from all across Africa. The show was at carnivore grounds. 2mbili is an extremely funny character of Andrew, born 23 years ago in Nakuru by a single mother. Born, raised, schooled in Nakuru. He talks to Varcity about his comical walk through life.

Who is 2mbili?

I am a full time comedian. Actually 99.9% of my day to day life is just comedy.  If you see me getting serious, trust me am joking.

Banana is Bae…since I’m the gent me hukula mandizi daily, ni tamu by the way… I was dating Avocados but since nione mluhya akipaka kwa nywele akilamba vidole I felt disgusted nikai dump…

I finished high school juzi 2011, passed away with no colors; most guys apply for courses in universities, mi niliitwa UoN. I want to be the best scientist that Kenya has never had.

Me ni player mzuri sana… Am a great footballer with awards having played for Tosti Fc U-17, Nakuru Blankets U-17.. At one time i won the Golden Boot (nilipewa thao mbili, hiyo golden boot haikuwa imefika kenya) I wanted to play for Arsenal,  Arsene Wenger made me quit football. He refused to read my mail sent by my playmates… I’m a designer, me pia ni mkimbiaji…wa madeni… (I run away from debts) I also have interests in money.


Who does 2mbili look up to?  

Great hardworking comedians inspire me a lot,  kwanza wa Kenya like Jalang’o,  Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy & among others,  unajua hata hawa wa among others pia wanakua inspired na wale nimetaja… Internationally Voke (Kevin Hart) inspires me a lot. I want to fly in the name of comedy.

When did it all start for 2mbili?

I started commercial Comedy in 2013, with a group of now established comedians like Maji Moto Am happy for them, hosting an every Friday show at UoN St. Paul’s Chapel, then started my own The Campus comedy Show which made me and did a campus tour for it,  it will be back soon,then YOLO (You Only Laugh Once), followed by 22Reasons to Laugh, then Did my Extreme Laughter Comedy Night & finally 2Mbili Unchained,  all those am proud of.


What have you achieved in the laugh industry?

I have performed in Churchill Show severally, Kenya Kona, Vioja Mahakamani currently, among other comedy shows.

What limits your ability to make people laugh?

I face several challenges since am a comedian who is building his own brand, critics wako macho, haters especially fellow comedians, the audience not feeling your performance so they end up not laughing…  I feel bad most of the times… Comedy in Kenya we lack More platforms, we only have ‘one’ platform which Kenyan comedians believe they must pass through to be successful in comedy and get known… In short i mean there’s monopoly in Kenyan comedy coz even those who have the platforms they are doing it alone.

What have you planned for your audience?

My dream is to have my own show to give upcoming talents space & stage,  which am currently trying to do, i have several comedian s who got that talent, am grooming them for the best if the industry. Wako tu sawa…

Social media handles:

Social accounts: IG: @2mbili Twitter: @2mbilimfalme Facebook: 2mbili G+: 2mbilicomedian Snapchat: 2mbili Whatsapp/mpesa: 0728122535

Final word from 2mbili

Before you give up, always ask why you started!!