Meet Airtel Superstar – MC Eddie Makina


    We have all watched the ad and loved it. He is UoN student, the FTT (Free Travelling Theatre of UoN) common face, actor and MC.

    He sat with Varcity for us to learn more about him:

    Who is Eddie?

    Edmund Makina Onura (the Onura is Japenese hehe) is the name. I’m 25 years of age, student at THE University of Nairobi studying Journalism and Mass Communication. I’m also a freelance actor, full time MC, an event’s organizer and a wedding planner.

    Your acting ambitions?

    An Oscars has always been my dream.


    What drove you to it?

    My mum. She is my drive and my prayer tool. Fame and money are not my drive.

    Mmh, I know that there’s nothing that comes easy and that good things take time. I love fun and I mean funnnnn.

    Something people don’t know about you?

    I am a bit emotional

    Are you dating?

    Yeah, am eyeing a very beautiful face/heart and she’s also eyeing me too.


    Who inspires you and mentor?

    Denzel Washington, just watch John Q and you’ll know why. 80% of my life is acting. My mentor is Joabess Lumara Kunaka, he discovered the gold in me and explored it.

    Challenges faced in this industry?

    GREED and MORE GREED. People taking advantage on our fresh talents. My fellow students should be on the watch and know their worth not just take anything that comes their way.

    Your word to the upcoming actors?

    “No struggle, no glory, just work hard hakuna cha rahisi.”

    Have you heard of Varcity?

    Eheee Varcity the Universities press apa

    Social media handles?

    FB: MC Eddie Makina

    FB Page: MC Eddie

    IG: lapper_official

    Twitter: @lapper