Meet All Male Gospel Group The T412

Gospel artists are many times put in  box by the youth. They are not viewed as cool or speaking on issues that affect them. Here is a gospel group that defies those odds. Meet T412.


What’s behind the name T412?

Greatness and leadership, T412 is derived from 1st Timothy 4:12 which states do not let anyone look down on you because you are young but be an example unto the believers in speech, faith, love, conduct and purity. Anyone can be an example but to be a good one, one has to be a leader and pursue greatness.

Why did you decide to venture in gospel music?

Our faith in Jesus affects our lives, and so doing what we like-music, is affected by our beliefs and the truth of the gospel.  If you know the good news, the least you can do is share it.

When did you begin?

One cool afternoon, on the 1st day of June 2011, a group of ex-candidates decided to start a dance crew, that’s how we came about.

What description (apart from gospel) would you give your music and brand?

Mmmmh, that’s a mind boggler, saying that our songs are inspirational and conscious will be an utter understatement. If you may allow us, could you give us an alternative description of the Bible without stating or implying that it is the word of God?

What do you hope to achieve with this?

You mean our music? We want to live our dreams, dreams to win souls, motivate, encourage and inspire everyone and anyone who will hear our music.

What have already achieved so far?

We have just scratched the surface, of the desired vision that we have mentioned above. To be more specific, we have toured various social institutions all over the country and inspired many youths. In addition, we have not only been awarded quite a number of local and international awards but have also done a number of music compilations (2012 The Revival Mixtape, 2014 Good News Mixtape, 2015 Before After Dozen).


What inspires you and urges you on?

The fact that we are achieving our purpose, the delight of experience when we witness the impact we have on people and being recognized as an upright and inspirational role model.

Where can one get your music?

You can effortlessly access our music from popular online platforms like, and also a physical delivery when you contact us via our hotline number: 0700412412.

Who in the music have you worked with/ would you like to work with?

We have worked with international artists like; Sulwe Music, Jah-Key, Zamora, Bigman, Mikey plus many more. We have also worked with popular regional and international producers like; Ngala Oreyo (Boxhouse Media), Owidi, AHB, Saint P, Othole (NYNP), Mickey (K-krew), Jack, Petrooz, Dj Traxx-USA, D-flow-USA, Shammah Sounds-France, Rolando Blake-Jamaica, Deacon Psalmist-Trinidad and Tobago, plus many more.


What challenges do you face?

We face challenges like, stereotyping, financial constraints and persistent haters.

How do you overcome them?

With reference to Philippians 4:13, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

 What advice would you give any young person looking to do the same thing as you are?

Be prayerful, persistent and patient as you faithfully serve God with your gift.

Kindly include names, age and other profession of every band member. You may include anything else you feel would be useful to the article.

  • Eutychus Tepkenysiroroi (Fortunate-42n8); Entrepreneur; Director; 23 years old.
  • Ian Muhanji (Mhenga); Graphics Designer; Video Editor, Deejay; 23 years old.
  • Kelvin Musyoka (Jemedy); Fashion Designer; Entrepreneur; 23 years old.
  • Clive Otieno (Clive); Video Director; Photographer, Graphic Designer; 23 years old.
  • Felix Milome (Milome); Animator; Graphics Designer, Video Editor, Audio Producer; 23 years old.


AOB; We are under the recording label Boxhouse Media, We worship at Citam Buruburu, Expect much from us in the near future.   

If you have an encouraging message for T412, tell us below.

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