Hilda Wangui Karanja, well known as Khui is a student of Fashion Design and Marketing at Machakos University. She tells us about her love for fashion, her future ambitions and how she got the chance to work with Gilad as his stylist.

When and how did you meet Gilad?

I met Gilad in Machakos when I was doing marketing for a hotel called Gelian Hotel. They host events a lot so Gilad was to have one on the 23rd of December, 2016. My boss called me and told me Gilad and his team were around and wanted a tour of Machakos just to tell guys about the event and all. While I was showing them around, I mentioned that i would be going on long holiday in January 2017 and I would love to work with them. Gilad said to keep in touch when that time came. In January after trying to get internship at a couple of cloth lines and fashion houses, I remembered I had Gilad’s number and called his Creative Director and arranged a meeting. I got to talk to Gilad about what I do and the ideas I had and he said he would love to have me in his team at Harmony Africa and here I am.

Is it difficult or too much pressure to work for such a big artist as Gilad sometimes?

It’s not difficult to work for him, big as he is, he’s really friendly, such a people person.

His style is simple and chilled out which isn’t so hard to work with. The only challenge I have faced is finding African attire that complement his skin tone. Who knew achieving a simple look could be a challenge!

What have you learnt in your area of work?

Major lessons I have learnt would be patience, humility,confidence and open mindedness.

There’s always someone who knows more and has done more than you so be humble enough to learn, be patient and work hard to get to that level. Also be confident in your ideas and work.

What else do you do aside from being Gilad’s stylist?

Aside from styling Gilad, I am part of his management team in Harmony Africa. I am a fashion designer and stylist professionally with a collection coming up. I have worked with a couple of other artists and creatives.

Where do you see yourself in three years?

In three years I see myself graduated and with a running Fashion line. I ‘d like to work with more artists in Kenya and beyond.

What other ambitions do you have?

My ambition is to become a “fashionpreneur”. My other ambitions, I dance so working with Bruce Newton is definitely in my bucket list.

I also have huge passion for Young people in Christ, youth ministry in another one of my interests. I would also love to work on radio or just do voice drops.

Is there any advice you’d like to give young people?

Let’s stop being typical millenials afraid to work hard. Put in the work as needed because nothing much has changed since when our parents built their careers, the only difference is that we have internet now which, in my opinion, makes things a lot easier. Everything else is  dependent on your hard work. Also, God isn’t part time or convenient only when you want stuff from Him and forget Him soon as things go well.

1st Thessalonians 5:17 says

Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

See you all at the Top.