Mejja-Daughter1Nonini, Dj Crème, Octopizzo, Nameless, Dj Adrian, Dj Klash, Frasha, Boni and Collo have all joined the fatherhood wagon and are happy about it. They enjoy every minute of it and  have displayed just how proud they are to be fathers. Forget the days when Kenyan Celebs were all about partying, strings of women and irresponsibility. A lot of them now have taken up the chellenge and have embraced the beauty of parenthood.

Dj Kaytrixx who is soon to be a father is also eagerly waiting  for his twins arrival also shows potential of becoming and awesome father. Mejja on the other hand is already a father to a precious little girl. He calls her his rock, the reason why he keeps the hustle going. Mejja who is populary known for his hit song ‘Kuliendaje’ has come of age in this industry and is doing very well. His current collabo with Madtraxx ‘Twendzetu’ is also doing very well in the charts.

It is very humbling to see that he too has a source of drive for the hustle and it turns out to be this adorable little girl. Female celebs have also not been left behind with Mwalimu Rachel, Talia and Wahu being lovely mothers that they are.

 By Snyder Lukalia