Manuel Segera Atera is the former Mr. MMU (2016/2017). We spoke to him to find out more about what his roles were as the university’s ambassador and what he hopes to achieve in his future career as a male model.


What course are you currently studying in MMU?

I am currently studying BBIT(Bachelor of Business Information Technology). I’m in my final year.

What duties did you have as Mr. MMU?

My first and main duty was to represent the school in various interschool activities pertaining modeling and community service, to conduct school projects that students and staff can benefit from and to set a good trend through a decent and stylish sense of fashion.

How long does it last?

The reign for each Mr and Miss MMU lasts for one Academic Year.

How did you manage to get people to choose you to be Mr. MMU?

I dressed in the best and most creative way in each category and was humble towards everybody.

Is there anything valuable you learned from the experience?

A man’s soul and personality are the most valuable assets he can possess.

What was the best part of being Mr. MMU?

The experiences I gained through representing the school in various activities. Like community Service and participating in Mr and Miss University Kenya.

What was the worst part of being Mr. MMU?

Not being able to fully deliver my duties to my school.

What challenges did you face when carrying out your responsibilities?

Failure to get adequate support for school projects and activities. The fame that comes with it.

What do you hope to achieve generally in life, outside of your studies and future career?

I hope to always think wise and become a good role model in the world.


How did you deal with negativity like for example, people telling you you shouldn’t have been the Mr. MMU or getting negative feedback?

I respect their opinion but at the same time never take anything personally. Always stay positive

What career do you hope to pursue?

I hope to pursue modeling on an international level and become a successful businessman.

Who are your role models?

My dad is the most influential role model in my life. Tyson Beckford, a renowned supermodel and Lebron James, the NBA player.


Would you do modeling full time?

With a good agency, I would.

What would you tell someone hoping to become Mr. MMU or whichever university that they probably don’t know yet?

It takes deep passion to be a Mr. MMU, followed by hard work and humility.


Any final words of inspiration?

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nothing in life is impossible, the right mindset can help you achieve anything.