Varcity: Who is Steve? School, faculty, concentration

Steve: Well, my name is Stephen Karuoya Muya, one of the first quadruplets born in Kenya back in 1987, currently I am at Daystar University undertaking my bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science.

Varcity: Tell us about your business, what do you sell?

Steve: My business is called KIVOs ENTERTAINMENT, named after a nickname I got from my lifelong friend ever since class one. I deal in movies/series at 50/-, fix desktops and now laptops, software upgrading, and other computer general stuff.


Varcity: Have you always had the business acumen or is it something you stumbled upon?

Steve: Partially, was not serious at first till later on I realized I could make money from my good oral skills and creativity…

Varcity: What inspired you to choose that line of business?

Steve: I was employed first back in 2011, though my employer made me do everything on my own, so I quickly learned the ropes n built my own… and a little push from peer pressure, since it was the only movie shop around, guys felt a huge gap and boredom.


Varcity: How did you raise the money you used to start your business?

Steve: Started saving since form one, 11 years later (2012) I started my movie shop…plus my dad chipped in (sub-consciously) hehehe!


Varcity: What would you say are some of the greatest hurdles you have faced thus far?

Steve: That all my raw materials have to be acquired from Nairobi, and this is very inconveniencing considering my shop is located at Daystar University – Athi Campus, that is 5kms off Mombasa road…so when I ran out of DVDS for instance, I have to close shop n rush to Nairobi which means 4hrs of no business!


Varcity: If there is one person who inspires you it has got to be?

Steve: My uncle, Mr. Titus K. Muya, former chairman of Family Bank. I like his investment approach, create, fund and sell off the finished product. I want to be in that position come 10 years from now!


Varcity: Quite a number of guys get into business and say to hell with the books, what’s your take on that?

Steve: Books are necessary, heck they got me where I am right now, those guys are easy to be swayed by the business, but the books are essential. So is the business, so balance them out.


Varcity: What piece of advice would you give to someone starting out?

Steve: It’s a rough road out there, be prepared for the pricks and hard work is always up hill. But take heart, good things come to those who work for them.

Varcity: The most awesome moment for you in terms of business has to be when…

Steve:  I was able to pay the next month’s rent, after just the first week of operation, booming sales! Hehehehe!


Varcity: How much is your business worth?

Steve: Well…..umm…if I was to calculate my assets minus depreciation…..stock and add-ons…

Close to ksh. 225,000


Varcity: What do you think of the Uwezo fund, is it something you’d be interested in?

Steve: Yes I am very much interested in it. Yet to submit it.


Varcity: Parting shot


Steve: “Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you is the greatest achievement you can make in this world” – sorry cannot remember who said it. But I love that, and I stick to it every day.