FBI is one of the biggest dance crews in Kenya, they have recently come to light following the trending Dab (Dance) Challenge where they got the president, Uhuru Kenyatta to pull a few moves.  Aside from this they have made great stride in their carrier like being featured in Willy Paul and Size 8’s “Tiga Wana” and winning competitions in and out of the country.

I got a chance to speak to Emmanuel, one of the crew members to find out more about FBI.

  1. Who is FBI and what are you guys all about?

FBI in full means focus beyond imagination. We are a group made up of eight members who decided to come together to dance for a cause.



  • What have been your achievements so far and how long have you danced together?


We emerged the winners of Sakata season 2. We have been to France to participate in a competition called Faites Dancer Le Monde, which we also won. In the same year we travelled to the US for HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL to represent Kenya in the Dance Olympics 2016.



  • What is the Bamba Kura Yako campaign about and how did you get to work on the dance video with the President?


Bamba Kura Yako is a concept that we came up with the aim to sensitise people about voter registration using what we do so. We decided to do a video about it, shared it online and soon enough it was everywhere. This is how we got to do a video with the President. We got a call from his office, met and did the video.



  • Did it take a lot of practice to get him to learn the routine?


We are lucky to have such a talented president it didn’t take him more than 5 minutes and we were done with the choreography.



  • What do you think of the negative comments that the Dab Challenge has received on social media?


I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether positive or negative. it is their right to air their views.



  • I came across your video during the competition in France, the tribute to the victims of the Garissa University Attack. It seemed very emotional, close to your hearts, now you guys are urging to register as voters. Is it your nature as a crew to dance for a cause?


Yes we dance for a cause, our main aim is to inspire people through our talent.



  • What more should we expect from FBI Dance Crew?


We have bigger plans for the dance scene in Kenya, lots of plans are underway.


Check out their Garissa University tribute below.