Meet the Guys behind Laikipia University Digital Entertainment

Located in the cold region of Laikipia County, Laikipia University has rose to become one of the best institutions in the Country. After getting its Charter as a fully fledged University in February 2013, the University has developed into a fine institution that continues to produce the best minds in Kenya. From academics to talents development, Laikipia University has risen to be a pillar in helping University students find their real purpose.

Joy Jediel

Speaking of talent, I managed to have a sneak interview with one member of the recently formed force behind Unmask The Laikipian Spirit. The show which brings the best of Talent in the institution has become a center of entertainment to students in Laikipia University.






Joy Jediel who chose to speak for the crew had much to say about this new entertainment site.

How did you start LUD Entertainment?

Laikipia University Digital entertainment started when we had an idea of doing more on Campus Wiz. Campus Wiz was our first website and we used it to cover campus events and other news we had in Laikipia University. We sat down and started brainstorming on an idea to make Campus Wiz cool and we came up with Lud Entertainment.

Who forms the crew?

The crew is formed by a number of students but the main members are Kennedy Kituyi who is the CEO and Thairu Muiruri who refers to himself as Thee Boss. We also have another main member by the name Duncan Kiplaa.



Do you have defined roles in making this show a success?

Right now we juggle between classes and camera work and also editing and design. Kennedy does most of the Camera work right now. Thairu also helps out with camera work.

What kind of shows do you upload on this entertainment site?

First of all its a YouTube channel. We currently have two segments on our channel. Unmask The Laikipian Spirit is the main one and is hosted by Lyse Hosyo and Calvo Mjinga. This show focuses on the best talents in Laikipia University from politics, to musicians and other great acts in the University. We also have Wizz Chat hosted by Diana Cherotich. This is a 1 minute show that summarizes all the upcoming events in school, gossip, fashion trends and some entertainment news.

Have you had any celebrities on the show?

We did have gospel stars Hopekid, David Wander and Mr. Seed who came to perform at our institution and we managed to get them to say some few words on the show.

What is your schedule for recording the shows?

We record shows once a week due to classes and CATs but so far it has been good for us.

What are your challenges?

Limited resources. We do not have equipment that may be considered world class. We also have tight schedules because we are students.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

We want to have the biggest entertainment company in Kenya. We also want our own channel on TV covering events and all entertainment news.

Where can guys get you on social media platforms?

First of all we need subscribers for our YouTube channel. Search for Lude tv, subscribe and watch.

Facebook: LUD entertainment

Twitter: Lud Entertainment

Instagram: Lud_entertainment





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