Meet The Plug unveils Congolese Legend Mbilia Bel

Over the years there are sensational singers who have been in the world of music for over 20 years. Some of there songs used to be the songs of the day when we were growing up. Well we met Mbilia Bel , the congolese legend at Koroga Festival.

Mbilia Bel speaks french since Congo is one of the Francophone countries in Africa. She understands little swahili and English.

The sensational singer brought many homes to storms in the golden days. Her songs has long-lived in the minds of the many women and men in the golden era. She is still young, energetic and ready to keep thrilling.

When you lock horns with the lady, you will only realize  that she is down-to-earth, sassy and super talented. Her voice has over the years taken different generation to either where she is performing in the olden days or where her music was being played.

We decided to recall the songs that kept the Kenyan airwaves during those golden times. Mbilia Bel decided to remind us some of her hit songs of those days.  Some of the songs she really holds in her heart are: Nakei Nairobi, Nadina and Paka Wewe.

Here are some of the questions she answered in a quick-fire.

What impact have your music done to Africa?

My music has not only empowered the younger generation but also the old generation. They have teachings that could still work for the new generation. Africa has been changed on their views and also their ways of thinking in regards to family, love among other divergent issues.

Whose Music is more appealing to you in Kenya?

Well, one of the singers that approached me during the days was Suzanna Owiyo. She sings Afro-fusion. I did a collabo with her. I can say her songs are appealing to me and they also resonate with African culture.

Can you do a collabo with the new genge-tone artist?

From my side I am not choosy on who to do a song with.  I can still work with the Genge tone artist if someone approaches.

Which are your favorite songs among the songs that you have sang?

Nadina, Nakei Nairobi, Paka Wewe are among the songs that brought new sensational move especially reaching out to the East African countries that speak swahili. Some I have also done in Congolese.

What’s the secret behind your beauty and classy look?

One thing is eating healthy food and looking or things that make you happy in life.

Korogo Festival Performance Team

What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I do not drink wine. I am pure. This has also resulted to me to remain focused in my life and music.

Which projects are you working on ?

I am currently building a school where I will empower young girls. The school will accomodate all ladies from all African countries who have a dream of becoming like me. My journey in music will be taught to them and also impacted in their careers.

What should Koroga Fans expect from you?

I will be performing a new song at Koroga Festival and I have also carried a new dancer to Kenya who will be dancing to the new tunes of Congolese Beats.

How did you land the name Mama Africa?

After the demise of Rebecca Malope, The Mama Africa of Music, the name was given to me by my fans. I am actually continuing with the works of impacting women in the society as Rebecca did.

Are you looking forward to get married?

(sighs) Yes to someone older than me. Do you know of anyone especially the one who loves music?  I can sing to the loved one provided he doesn’t beat me…..

Some of her hit song include:






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