Following the concluded NASOKUSA sports event that happened at the university playground, VarcityKenya met up with UoN’s terrorist, the schools main basketball team.


We had an exclusive interview and this is what they had to say.

Team name: Terror

Team chant:  Epablo unido jahma cera vencido (A people united can never be defeated)

Coach: Eugene Genga

Captain: Stephen Kuria

Dept. Captain: Nathan Mwanza

  1. How many are you in the team?

Currently we are 16 guys in the team, other than the captain and his assistant, the rest are; Dan Owuor, Innocent  Adagala, Ben Githinji, Collins Gumba, Collins Ochieng, Vitalis Wagome,Kevin Kariuki, Michael Owuor, Dennis Mbithi, Felix Kirinya, Clive Kiptoo, Dan Nabuya, John lobojo and Samuel Mwalo.

  1. What has your sports journey been like, are you with the same squad that you started with a year ago or have some graduated or left?

The team has been there since the inception of the university. It has gone ahead to produce players both locally and internationally. In fact most teams in the league at least have players who’ve once played for terror. Our former coach, Emanuel Ochieng’, has been the building block for more than ten years on a voluntary basis.

3. What impact has that left to the team?

The team changes each year. This means new talent is being absorbed when the old ones leave, leading to the strengthening of the Old Boy’s Association which ex-players become part of.

4. How do you balance between studies and basketball for instance, when do you guys train?

How we balance? First of all, we are student athletes. Note that students come first before athletics. Other than that, the love for the game by the student is a great motivational factor so we know how to create time for it.

We train from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm on weekdays and sometimes from 11 am during the weekends when there are no major games, say a tournament

5. What are your ambitions as a team?

As a team we look forward to emerging top in our league. We are also working on a number of clinics locally and internationally.

6. What has been your greatest achievement, which tournaments or leagues have you so far won?

Our greatest achievement was winning the Zuku-KUSA Basketball 2013-2014. The team also participated in the 2015 All Africa University Games where we were position 3. In 2016 we emerged top in our conference for the national KUSA games.

7. Which team/s or international athletes inspire you, and what are the challenges you as a team face in pursuit of your desired standards?

Each player has a team and athlete they look up to. At the end of the day you’ll realize it’s the team or athlete that embrace his challenges and has the desire to win

 8. Rumor has it that Strathmore Uni’s basketball team is the all year-long terrorists of the league, what do you say about that?

As stated those are just rumors.

9. Any other thing you would like to share with us?

Jesus is life the rest is just basketball.

Well, we wish you all the very best in your league.