veraYou Guy, this dendai spent time with us and told us more about her and her interests. Let’s get to know this mami other than her overwhelming blessing; you know what we are talking about right?

Her secret to success is to always think positively. Put your mind on success and not failure. Her believe that she can accomplish her goal is always unwavering, goals are nothing without action. She is positive, dedicated, ambitious, creative and social and says that these descriptions tell how much self driven she is to achieve her goals. She gets her inspiration from Kim Kardashian ,and would like to think that they have a lot in common.

Guess, what dudes chiz is still single, applicants are welcomed however you need to have the following qualities: Good looking, honest, understanding and have respect for women. Think you gat this n an extra bag of chips? Approach this mami.

She would rather be caught dead wearing Crocs, like how are those things even fashionable? She loves her shoes high and has to have a pair of heels in her car just in case there are auditions, random meetings or a party. She wouldn’t leave the house without her phone, iPad, High heels of course and her phone charger she cannot afford to be offline at any point.

The craziest thing she has ever been caught doing was when she was once caught writing a love letter to a boy she liked from her brother school on an ongoing class. The teacher took it and read it in front of the whole class, so embarrassing. Punishment nayo?. While in high school, she used to date a guy who stayed close to her school. In 202, she used to skip preps at times and go bumming with him when his folks were not around. Hmmm! Vera, does your mother know?

Vera has always wanted to be a News Anchor or Radio Presenter but has never gotten around to it. She did however pursue her love for art and got into design.

She has been star struck by Akon, when she finally met him, she couldn’t believe that he reached out and shook her hand, the expression on her face was priceless. Her celeb crush is Trey Songz as cliché as it may sound, she finds him very attractive.

Her idea of having fun is hanging out with her girls for movies, parties and bowling. A random road trip always has a kick to it.

Her final word to the teenies is Dreams can’t exist in the past. They live in the present and carry them with you tomorrow. If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to build theirs.

Her Facebook Fan Page; VEE S BEIBY and Twitter Handle; @vee_beiby follow this dendai if you are a fan and would like to know more about her.

 By Snyder Akonya

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