Auti is an upcoming 20 year old Kenyan singer who impressed many with his hit debut single, Downlow where he featured The Unchained and K. Martin.

Find out more about this rising star.

What is your real name?

Austin Odhiambo.

What is the meaning of your stage name?

From my first name – Austin. My 3 year old niece also always pronounces my name like that so it’s become my nickname.

Describe yourself using five adjectives.

Emotional, caring, friendly, loving and I detach from people quickly.

What do you do besides music?

Prospective student at TSU. (Texas State University).


Why are you waiting so long to join university?

I was looking for a course and university worth my time.

Between what you plan on studying and music, which would you pursue further?

I’d pursue music.


When did you realize that music was what you wanted to do?

In class 6, 2009.

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Why music?

It’s a getaway for a lot of stuff. My dad was a songwriter and I grew up listening to music. It became something I love, it runs in the family. It’s the only thing I found myself to be good at, it’s the only talent I discovered early.


What topics do you like to discuss in your music.

Heartbreak, relationships & love. I’m emotional. I’m not that outgoing so I can’t write about that kinda partying life.

Would you do it as a full-time career?

I intend to. I’ve given music all my dedication. The release of Downlow set my base. It’s only the beginning.


What was your inspiration for ‘Downlow’? Was there someone on your mind?

There were people I was thinking about. Everyone has been through a lot. I was inspired by something I was going through. It’s dedicated to everyone, all the fake people. I’m not the only one experiencing this. It was also my first experience in studio, in the booth.


When did you start doing live performances?

I don’t really perform but I used to do theater in high school. I like Karaoke. I don’t really like publicity.

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Do you have any upcoming projects?

A solo album with no collabos. Soul/pop/jazz. I’m versatile and still trying to discover myself. Downlow was more R&B/Hip-Hop but my next record out in January will be different. I’m also working on an EP with rapper iQ aand Muchiri.

Where can one find you and your work on the internet?

I’m not really a fan of social media. My songs are on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and more.



What are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far in your music career?

Mostly personal but some of late are financial, family, emotional, lack of support, and gangsters in the industry that you pay for a service and they don’t do it.


How do you respond to negativity?

I respond positively. Any negative person probably hasn’t listened to my music. If it’s a hater, I probably wouldn’t care.


Who are some of your local and international role models?

Sona Jobarte from Gambia. Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Adele and locally, Eric Wainaina.


Are you single?



And searching?

(Hesitates briefly then sips drink.)