Collins Keverenge Musalia is a 21 year old who insists on calling himself a biochemist since he studies Biochemistry at JKUAT but he aspires to become a digital marketer and the owner of his own PR firm. Find out more about his current work as an influencer and his future ambitions.

How would you generally describe yourself?

I’m a biochemist, blogger, influencer, a God-fearing person too. I’m trying to build my audience online.

What are you currently doing?

Influencer marketing.

What career would you like to pursue?

Digital Marketing.


What are the good things about your current work?

Influencer marketing is easier than using radio or TV because there’s no way your audience can avoid your message. When a brand approaches you, know how to change perceptions and convince your audience to consider a certain product.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Waking up, I have to check social media notifications. Social media comes first then I handle schoolwork.

How do you respond to negative feedback from followers or employers?

Normally, it helps you improve. Most of them are too extreme, close to cyberbullying I overlook them. Some are too savage, you have to handle them savagely. You have to understand the tone of the message first before responding.

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What are your career goals?

I’m looking forward to opening firm as I’ve seen my potential. I have a website

What are some of the biggest challenges you face?

Finance. Some brands don’t pay on time. Achieving the client’s goal of likes or retweets. The reach and engagement are more important but some people don’t realize that. Cyberbullying.

Who do you look up to careerwise?

Kenyan digital marketers and Anyiko PR.

What’s something you’d like people to know about being an influencer since there are so many misconceptions?

Social media work you don’t have to go to an office, you can work from home.

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Whats your relationship status? 

I’m single and searching.

Do you have any final advice to give to fellow influencers or people who’d like to become marketers?

As long as you understand your audience, you’ll know what brought you online. Make sure you understand your audience. As long as you love something, pursue it.