DJ Hardscratch is a 22 year old college graduate, a professional biker and a Kenyan Hip Hop Deejay. The fast rising deejay hailing from Kericho town is now based in Nairobi where  he is ready to take over the DJ scene. 

When did you join the Deejaying industry?

I first joined the industry in the year 2014.

What inspired your decision to join the industry?

My love for hip hop music and the love for mix tapes.

So do you take this as a career or do you it as passion?

For me it is more of passion than a career.

Which is the biggest gig you have performed in so far?

That has to be the Kericho Marathon gig back in 2015. I was awarded with a certificate of providing quality music at the event.

How many people were present?

Thousands of people from all over the country including the county’s governor and some of the biggest names in the music industry like DNG who voluntarily hyped the crowd for me as I deejayed.

Talking of big names in the Industry, any big names you’ve worked with so far?

No, not yet. I have not gotten the chance yet.

Who would you love to work with in the future?

Deejay Joe Mfalme.

What are some of the achievements you can say you’ve achieved so far?

I have hit 20K plus views on a single extended song on YouTube. I have also trained and offered deejays jobs.

For you to be where you are successful you must have faced some challenges as well. Tell us about that?

I would say equipment difficulties. Also making a name for myself from a small Town (Kericho) was a big challenge.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan on incorporating artists and producers to do more than it has ever been done in the deejaying industry. I also plan on doing hundreds of duo/trio mixtapes with our deejays both nationally and internationally.

Have you given it a try before?

I have tried it music production. I have however set dates for beginning local duos and trios with some of our local deejays.

You have mentioned music production as well?

Yes. I do graphics and music production as a side hustle.

Any final remarks?

People should expect big things from me. 2018 we I’m taking over. It’s my year!!!!

Where can be people find you on social media?

@djhardscratch on Twitter and mixcloud, @ DjhardscratchVevo on YouTube.