#MeetThePlug Kenyan Afro-pop Band Halisi the Band Set To Headline 3rd Varcity PikNik

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

Halisi The Band is an Afro-pop boy band based in Nairobi currently made of three members. They will be headlining this month’s edition of the Varcity PikNik live music concert.

#MeetThePlug Kenyan Afro-pop Band Halisi the Band Set To Headline 3rd Varcity PikNik

Let’s start with your stage name, what inspired it?

Halisi is a Swahili word which means authentic/Real. We are absolutely in touch with our roots musically and the same is reflected on how we handle our operations. Our music is African fused with other unexploited elements in instrumentation and harmonies to bring about a sound that is unique to only Halisi.

What genre of music do you guys perform?

Our genre of music is mainly Afro-pop with influences from other genres such as R&B and Reggae.  

What made you guys go for that particular genre of music?

Well we just appreciate the flexibility of being able to write in several different genres as it allows us to continue challenging ourselves to learn more and grow.

So many songs have you released so far?

Officially we have released two songs that is “Thum Mora” “and “Sauti”. We however have a lot of unreleased projects in studio and we already have a detailed plan on how we are going to go by our releases.

What inspired your entry into the music industry?

The message in our music did. We wanted an opportunity to be able to share our music with the world as much as we could. That’s how Halisi the Band came into being.

How did the people around you react when you told them you wanted to pursue music?

Fortunately for us everybody around us has been extremely supportive throughout the journey. In fact the reason we are all now pursuing music from a professional angle is because the people who are close to us are  already staunch fanatics of our music and they are all ignitions to our drive. We have to meet their expectations.

How about the industry itself, how has it been for you guys?

We have received a lot of love for what we do on stage. We have seen the crowd sing along to each of our songs, dance with us on stage to having our songs played on radio especially Kiss 100 and Homeboys Radio. We are progressively covering new ground with our movement so the industry is accepting us, so far so good.

#MeetThePlug Kenyan Afro-pop Band Halisi the Band Set To Headline 3rd Varcity PikNik

Any Kenyan artists you look up-to?

We draw a lot of inspiration from all great Kenyan artists who have been there for us. Sauti Sol tops the list of course from inspiring to sharing with us and we are sure we speak for so many other young legends in the music scene when we say that.

Any Kenyan artists you would love to work with in the future?

We would love to work with Sauti Sol, Willy Paul, H_art the Band and Nameless just to name a few. There are so many Kenyan talented artists we would love to work with.

What are some of the challenges you have gone through so far?

That would be finance and management.

How do you overcome the challenges?

It’s all about discipline and focus, challenges are just but ordinary hurdles. Our work discipline and focus always scare trivial challenges away.

Many groups end up splitting in the end, should we stay prepared for that?

We are definitely aware of that but not all of them do. We are still in the process of learning and supporting each other as we do this and we are committed to ensuring none of our fans hearts will be broken.

#MeetThePlug Kenyan Afro-pop Band Halisi the Band Set To Headline 3rd Varcity PikNik

What can you tell other aspiring artists?

Don’t hesitate to let that spark inside you burst into a flame and share it with the world every chance you get. After all, caring is sharing, isn’t it?

Where can people access your music?

People can access our music on our Official channels on YouTube, Mdundo and SoundCloud. Each of the channels bears the name HALISI.

Where can people find you on Social Media?

Let’s keep the conversations going. Find ‘Halisi the Band’ across all social media platforms.

Any final remarks?

See you on the 14th of July 2018 from 2:00PM for our concert. It is a PicNic event so people are free to bring their own food, drinks and Lesos. People can book their tickets now because it will be going down. #TUKUTANE KILE

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