Dj Xela, name pronounced as Zela or Ksela is a budding DJ in town whose stage name was derived from a reverse of his original name, Alex Kiema. Xela is an enthusiastic and up-coming professional entertainer within Nairobi city.


With an undeniable personality, Dj Xela has traits that have boosted his personality in his trade. He is well spoken, articulate and professional with a clear voice and excellent communication skills and astonishing sense of timing. He has an educational background  of project management.

Work Experience

He has had experiences in TV, Radio and a number of clubs, backstreet bars, jam sessions, events like weddings, product activation’s, road shows, birthdays and even at private parties. He looks forward to have more experiences with clients. Notably, Dj Xela has good expertise with live music mixes, events management, vast music knowledge and his ability to ad-lib. This is probably why he has received a lot of love.


His major achievements and events that he has entertained includes the following:

Campus night outs, HP Star wars activation’s DJ under 84 Inspired marketing this year, Guest DJ at Quins Bar on contract with Beluchi Inc, he was the DJ for City Space on Thursday nights in 2015 and more so was a volunteer Alain’s extravaganza concert in 2013 along with DJ Rigs and BUGIKA ENT DJs.

This is just but a few among his previous accomplishments but he still aspires to do more.

Personal Interests

Xela who is an Arsenal fanatic has values for money quality oriented service provision through partnership and owns professional industry standard performance kits.

Furthermore, Xela can handle working with strict headlines and stays calm while under pressure to ensure performance. He has interacted with audiences from all walks of life.