Keviner the Prince is a very talented young poet and gospel musician. The 20 year old who completed high school in 2015 is passionate about poetry.  We met the poet at the Kenya National Theatre to find out more about him

What is your real name?

Kevin Wanyonyi.

What is the meaning behind your stage name?

It’s a combination of Kevin and Aquila. Aquila means eagle so I changed the –a to –er.

What do you do?

Music, poetry and I’m also a dancer.

Do you have a crew and if yes, what’s the name?

Static. We’ve done videos like Eko Dydda – Cheki Vile & Kelele Takatifu – Bamba Mbaya.

Where do you usually perform your poems?

Kenya National Theatre, events, gigs, churches. I get called in Nairobi usually.

Do you post them online?

Yes, on Facebook and Youtube.

Have you ever recorded a song?

I’m yet to record.

What course would you like to do?

Journalism. Mostly the production part behind the cameras.

What university would you like to join?

Maybe UoN.

Would you consider doing poetry full-time as your only career?

I do art generally not poetry only so yes.

When did you know you wanted to do this in particular?

Music, in primary and poetry, in form 3/form 4.

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Did you ever perform while at school?

I unfortunately never performed at school.

What topics do you usually talk about?

Youth empowerment. First of all gospel, peace and unity. Musically, inspiration.

Do you ever run out of ideas or get writer’s block?

Sometimes, I have an idea, it’s rare but there’s something in my heart but I write one line and the rest isn’t coming.

How do you get past that?

I listen to music, relax, go outside then I come back and try again.

Do you have any words of inspiration for aspiring poets and musicians?

I believe in first God, hard work and discipline. These are the key things. If you believe in yourself, there’s nothing impossible that you can’t achieve.