Brian Kimutai is a basket ball player who plays for JKUAT’S straycats. He took part in Thursdays and Friday’s varsity basketball games that took place in JKUAT.

What name are you known with when you in the field?

I have a couple, Koech, Kimdunking and I’m also known as ‘Punisher’.

‘Punisher’ caught my attention? Why Punisher?

I was drawing a lot of fouls whenever I’m in the field and that’s how the name came about. Once I’m handling the defense guys know they have to be careful and play proper.

I am also a high flyer by the way even though I’m only 6.2 ft tall.

Which team do you play for currently?

I play for Jkuats’s straycats.

You played quite well in the Thursday/Friday games, how was it like to take part in the games which seemed kind of competitive?

I was excited even though I felt like I wasn’t given enough time since I only started featuring in the main team just at the beginning of this semester.

Between Thursday and Friday’s games, which game did you enjoy more?

I would say Thursday’s game because I was given more time in the field and I feel like I made an impact because I managed to make a three pointer from downtown and I also shot four free throws within 4-5mins.

How long have you been playing basket ball?

I have been playing basket ball since 2013, which makes it five years.

Why did you decide to go for basket ball?

It runs in the family. My mum used to play basket ball and she has always been a fan of the sport. When I joined high school I had a chance to try the game and to my advantage I was somehow tall so it was easy for me to join the school team and with time I ended falling in love completely with it.

After high school I used to practice 24/7 because I wanted to be the best I possibly could be.

So do you still play for the passion or is it now a career?

For now it is just for the passion but I’d be grateful if it ever started paying my bills. I’m also studying just in case it doesn’t necessarily evolve to be a career I would still live my life happily.

Grinding with this rain self practice was great

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What are some of the challenges you face as basket baller?

Getting shoes and jerseys is sometimes a hustle especially when you have to work on a limited budget yet the necessities are quite costly. Sometimes you can also get injured while playing. I can also say lack of exposure to the level of earning sponsorships is also a challenge to me.

How do you manage to overcome the challenges?

I make a lot of sacrifices saving up to buy the things I need for my basket ball. I also work very hard and pray as well.

What would you tell other aspiring basket ballers?

I would advise them to be disciplined and work hard towards their goals. They should also be passionate about what they are doing. More importantly they should take their education seriously so that they can have both a plan A and B just in case one fails.

Where can people find you on social media?

On twitter @Brian_Kimutai98

Instagram @ BrianKim254

Facebook   @Brian Kimutai Koech (MayMay)

Any final remarks?

Your dreams are valid no matter the situation you in currently.