#MeetThePlug Niuru – The Retro Trio Making New Rules in Kenyan Music

Niuru is an upcoming Kenyan band that is dedicated to bringing a new style of music by fusing the ghetto vibe, an African touch and a feel of new rule R&B. Niuru is also looking forward to encouraging people to pursue whatever they want to be.

Your stage name is quite unique; tell us about that and how it came about?

The term Niuru came from two words sandwiched together, Nuru which is a Swahili word meaning light and New Rule leading to Niuru.


What was the inspiration behind the name?

We just wanted something that would define us, something musically unique and African.

How did you guys meet and where did you meet?

We all met at Sauti Academy during our very fast days in the school. Edu who is our guitarist and vocalist was playing

How long have you been together?

Not that long, it’s been like five months.

How many projects have you managed to release together?

We have not yet released any projects together, but we do have a couple already recorded and hopefully, we will be releasing them very soon.

How has the journey been for you guys so far?

The journey has been both tough and fun. Challenges with positive endings.

Tell us about some of the challenges you have faced so far?

We have had various challenges especially at the start you know financially, sometimes individual family issues and personal problems.

How do you go about the challenges?

Music is something we all love so despite the challenges we never give up.

What inspired your entry into the music industry?

The desire and passion from each of one of us to fulfilling our common goal did.

Any Kenyan artists you look up to?

Yes though we can’t really specify but generally, let’s just say we do feel inspired by artists and bands that have positive vibes and of course those that stand out now that is all about uniqueness.

Any Kenyan artists you would love to work within the future?

We can’t specify on that either, we do have quite a number both known and unknown as well.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Currently, we are doing more of live performances but again we have been working on various projects that we are planning to release very soon, new feel of music coming soon.

Where can we get your music?

Like said early, currently, it’s been all about live music but guys can in the meantime subscribe to our YouTube channel since we are planning to release new projects soon.

How can your fans reach you on social media?

They can reach us on Facebook @ Niuru band

YouTube @ Niru band

     [email protected] Niuru me

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