Obizzy is a young upcoming gospel artist based in Nairobi who intends to minister to as many people as he will possibly manage through his music. The gospel rapper recently released a project, Peperusha, which he is currently promoting.

Tell us about Obizzy?

Tough question. Let’s just say I’m a son to a mother. I’m also a gospel rapper.

Why gospel?

Because something was burning in me to praise and sing for the Lord. God put me and I feel like this is where I belong.

How long have you been in the gospel industry?

I have been rapping and singing since I was in primary school. Professionally that would be after I completed my high school. So I’d say approximately 5 years but professionally this is my first year.

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How have you found the gospel industry so far?

Tougher than I expected actually. It was changed a lot over time but really trying to push myself.

So how many singles have you produced so far?

For now I have only released two projects which are available on YouTube.

Music in Kenya is known to only make a career to a chosen few as the rest are forced to do it for free or just as a passion. So do you take as a career or you are just passionate about it?

I love music, music is a passion to me. But I’d love to make a career as time goes by.

So music doesn’t pay your bills yet?

For now, not yet, but by the end of the year I’m confident it will start paying.

What are some of the Challenges you have faced so far?

So far the biggest challenge has to be money. Lack of money to support my projects.

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How do you manage to overcome it?

I really hustle a lot to fund my projects, that’s it.

The gospel industry has been haunted by a lot controversy in the recent times, what’s your comment on that?

I think a few individuals who don’t walk their talk shouldn’t make us to be judged in the same way. Everybody should carry their own cross

What should you fans expect from you?

My fans should definitely expect good music from me. I recently dropped my first solo project, Peperusha which I’m currently promoting so I think people can already judge from that the kind of project to expect from me.

Where can people get your music?

People can get my music on YouTube, ViuSasa and I’m also working on getting it on Boom play.

Where can people find you on social media?

Facebook @ obizzy ke

[email protected]_boy

Twitter     @obizzy_boy

Any final remarks?

I just want to thank all the people who have supported me and my music, God Bless them all abundantly.