Gospel music is quickly losing its spirituality in todays music industry. With many people doubting the artists motives. Emsi Live is a up and coming gospel artist who wants to bring back the authentic gospel music.

What is your real name?

Michael Lively Mwanzia

What is the meaning behind the name ‘Emsi Live’?

‘Lively’ the name I chose after getting baptized so Live is an abbreviation of that. Also I’m good at freestyling which is done ‘live’. ‘Emsi’ is for MC when I introduce topics on my songs like Emcees do on stage before someone comes on.

How old are you?

I am 21 years old.

What inspired you to do music and why specifically gospel?

In high school, we used to do rap battles every Friday so we would write down bars and then meet up on Friday and spit. After I got saved in 2015, I chose to make more positive music, gospel music because there is so much negative music out there. I officially started making music in 2016.

What influenced your music style?

My target market. I make music for the youth as they are able to connect to the vibe quicker. I make hip-hop, rap, trap music.

And what inspires your look?

Situation. If you’re in the bathroom, you wear a towel, for sports, you wear sports clothes. To relate to my audience (the youth) I dress like them. And also I’m young, so I don’t wear suits. I dress according to my age.

Do you have any role models or idols locally or internationally in the music industry?

I don’t emulate Kenyan artists I just see them as my fellow artists. Internationally, Ace Hood.  He’s real. He expresses himself even though he doesn’t do gospel.  I’m more religious, more cautious, more spiritual though. When I’m rapping, it’s real, I’m expressing myself. Outside of music, Pastor Chris from Nigeria lifestyle-wise. I heard about him from a friend then I went to youtube to check him out.

Do you have any upcoming projects – a single, an album, collaborations, videos?

I’m working on a video for my first song ‘Guess What’. I’m focusing on pushing my upcoming album “God Rap Perfection”, a collabo with Rapper Phil and a cypher that will appear on my album.

Who would you like to collaborate with locally or internationally?

Internationally: Lacrae & Datruth. Locally: Rose Muhando and Emmy Kosgei so that it can reach rural people.

Would you collaborate with a secular artist?

I wouldn’t collaborate with a secular artist even if it was for a gospel song. It’s like preaching water and drinking wine. Unless the person has been singing about being saved but if they have been singing about ‘carrying a glock in my pocket’ then no.

Best Career moment so far?

I like doing music live, performing, having shows. Most amazing thing is composing music since it’s based on reality. My song ‘Temptations’ is an example; I’m hoping to help others in the same situation. Challenges I undergo build me.

Where can your songs be found?

My first video ‘Chwani Chwani’ is on youtube and an audio called ‘Guess What’ is on SoundCloud.

What do you hope to achieve careerwise?

Impact people’s lives through the life of Christ. How I dress, how I look doesn’t matter, how I’ve touched someone does. One thing about human nature, if you’re a vacuum and you’re empty, you’ll just follow what other people do but you have to be yourself. If there’s no darkness there’s no use for light.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far as an artist?

As long as there’s the devil, the Earth is not perfect. Media. People don’t know Emsi Live, my music, how he looks. In the music industry, there’s no formula, you make it in your own way. The only formula I believe in is God. Getting airplay and recognition. In Kenya there’s so many genres so people can’t compete. The most heartbreaking thing is people don’t support different things.

Outside of your music, how have you been spreading the gospel?

Healing the sick, performing miracles, myself I cannot get sick. I also do fellowship for ‘lost’ people.

Any final words of advice or inspiration for your fans?

Be real, be yourself. Sit down and meditate on who you are. People have been brainwashed, they don’t know their life. When you know who you are, it’s better. If you want to know who you are, ask God. They should be true to themselves and be true to God.