UANI is simply a small intimate gig that is all about music and candid conversations that was created by artist Serro. UANI’s purpose is to connect people musically in one location on a relaxed Sunday.  The 2nd edition is set to go down this coming Sunday, February/18/ 2018 in Kileleshwa. 

Serro is passionate about African music and ready to take over the African music scene also created the event give other young and African artists a platform to showcase their art in a space where the society seems to focus more on the western culture and forget to focus on pushing their own culture forward.

We spoke to her to get to know her better;

  •  What kind of music do you do

My music is a blend of many styles but I find myself most inclined towards the African sounds.

  • What do you think of the Kenyan music industry?

Despite the constant criticism leveled towards the industry, I honestly feel like we are on the right track. There is so much talent out here and all the stakeholders (artists, video directors, publicists, promoters  e.t.c) are really working hard to be on top of their game. Eventually, the entire industry will have revolutionized.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years musically?

I will have grown immensely. I will definitely have a few albums/EPs under my belt. I will be one of the most sort after artists in the continent because I will be giving the fans such BOMB shows! I will also have a MAMA award and hopefully have a BET or/and Grammy nomination.

  • Who is your musical inspiration? Why?


The answer to this question changes so many times. The more I get to hear about some artists’ stories the more I get moved and inspired.

Miriam Makeba’s story is quite incredible. She used her gift to do so many things and give a voice to the voiceless. She was deported and banned from several countries (Including her own) because of her courage and because of the themes she chose to tackle with her music. She inspires me to be more courageous and intentional as I use this gift of mine.

Fadhilee Itulya is an incredible artist from here! I honestly don’t think there is an artist who has ever made me feel like his music makes me feel every time I watch him perform. He has an incredible gift, and he has the unique ability to make you feel exactly what he wants you to feel. That is every artists’ dream!

Yemi Alade is just the queen! I absolutely love her. She inspires me to be bold, authentic and just take over the world with no fear.


  • Who is your dream collaboration?



  • Which is your best song to perform?


I think it’s a tie between three songs; Rongai, Okello and Aheri. I think this is also because the fans love these 3 songs the most.

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  • What is the meaning of UANI and why did you decide it was the one you wanted to work with?


When I first came up with the idea, I wanted to call it ‘In my mother’s house’ (IMMH); but then I realized that we wanted the venue to keep moving around. In my head, the venue just needed to be a garden or anywhere with trees and flowers. So my manager and I did our research, looking for what a garden is in different languages. We had so many potential names but UANI just felt right for me. It was it! It is Swahili for backyard.


  • What is UANI all about? Some details on what it entails, the kind of artists that perform and anything else that happens during the event?


Uani is a small intimate gig that combines music and candid conversations. I am such a sucker for good conversations that I just had to create a show that would encourage such!

When I was conceptualizing the gig, I wanted to create a space where people can freely share opinions (in a world where everything is offensive these days) and connect in one way or another. We therefore have a theme with every edition where the audience gets to participate and give their thoughts on what is being discussed.

With every edition, I also feature an artist that the fans help me pick. Its usually an artist the fans think I would have great chemistry with and so far so good. The fans also get to build the repertoire with me and I sing the songs they want me to sing.

They seem to know me pretty well coz the suggestions are AMAZING!

After the show, we have a basket with suggestions and feedback from the audience. This helps me connect and interact with the fans on a very personal level.

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  • What inspired you to come up with the event?


I once did an acoustic gig somewhere westlands and I absolutely loved it. I loved how I connected with the audience, how I was able to just sing and connect. I woke up the next day and decided I wanted to have such a gig but fully mine so that I have no restrictions, so that I can be authentic and have people feel as free in the same space. Many times I get contracts that request me to not sing gospel songs and the gig. I totally respect that; but I am a believer and I have my moments where I just gotta represent my Lord! The thought of creating a space where I could freely do that without being afraid of offending anyone was quite liberating!


  • When and where did the 1st event of its kind happen?


The first edition was last month (28.02.2018) at my parents’ house and it was absolutely amazing. I can’t remember the last time I was that free and relaxed while playing for such an intimate audience!


  • What’s the purpose of UANI?


Simply to connect.

It is for me to connect with the fans, the fans to connect with me, for me to connect with my music, for me to connect with the artists I feature and for everyone to just be happy and free in this space.

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  • What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered overtime as you grow step after step?


I think the greatest challenge in all aspects of my career is usually self doubt. I am constantly in a place of wondering if I am good enough, if what I do is enough, if I am living my true purpose, will I ever accomplish what I wish to… But God is slowly teaching me to be still and to enjoy the journey to wherever it is I will end up.

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  • How do you handle those challenges?


Prayer and faith.


  • What artists have you worked with in your past events and which artists should people expect this time? Any surprise guests?


The first edition of UANI featured Ayrosh who I usually say is my musical husband. We just flow. For this month, I have the perfect fit for the month of love, Bensoul! He is so wonderful and talented. I am so excited to watch his set and for people to hear our set.

  • What should people expect from UANI in the future?


More surprises. As we grow, we are looking to make the gig in such a way that everyone coming feels like they are part of this community. SO they should just stay tuned.

In the meantime, everybody should be preparing for the Sunday show that is going down In Kileleshwa, Othaya road Gate 25; tickets are only going for Ksh500 via hotline 0746,837,188.

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