Tesla is an upcoming Rnb artist based in Nairobi. She will be performing in this month’s PikNik event going down on 26th of May (Next weekend). 

Is Tesla your stage name or official name?

It’s both my official name and stage name. The original name is Tessella but people just decided to reduce the number of letters in and that’s how Tesla was born.

What genre of music do you do?

I do RnB.

Why did you settle for RnB?

I feel like I can personally relate to RnB since I was young. It’s the kind of music I can listen to word by word and the slow beats that come with it just make sense.

When did you realize you could sing?

Back when I was in form one we had this group thing where people would sing their best songs and when it was my time to sing, everybody just stared at me speechlessly. They loved my singing that much. They convinced me I could sing and like they say, the rest is history.

How did your parents and the people around you react when you told them you wanted to pursue music?

They react the same way many Kenyan parents do, you know to them music is not a career. I had to go my way and show them how important it was to me. Sometimes I had to sneak out of the house at night just so I could go and perform. I also received a lot of criticism from most of my friends.

When did that change?

Well everything changed after I won talanta mtaani.

Many people may not have heard of Talanta mtaani, tell us what it is?

Talanta mtaani is a show that natures talents from neighborhoods and helps in the growth of youths in a positive way.

You mentioned about parents not taking music as career, do you take it as a career or you are just passionate about it?

For me it is a career.

So it pays your bills?

Yes, but not yet fully.

How many songs do you have recorded so far?

Two songs but I’m yet to release them.

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That’s within a period of how long?

Officially I have just been around for two years.

Which artists do you look up to?

I adore and look up to Phy. I also look up to Sauti sol, Nyashinski and Naiboi. Their music always has a new element to it.

Which artist would you love to work with?

That would be Yemi Alade.

What advice do you have for other upcoming artists like you?

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Passion for music is one thing but the sacrifices you make for it is everything. We very many talented people around but the amount of hard work you put into it is what counts and it’s what makes you different.

What do you think about the Kenyan music industry?

It’s actually improving and that’s the challenge ahead. I think we are headed to a modern culture.

Where can people find your music?

As of now they can only get to see me perform in different gigs now that I haven’t yet released the songs. I will also be performing at this month’s Piknik event by Varcity in Kileleshwa next Saturday.

Where can people find you on social media?

Instagram @Tesla_kenya

Facebook  @Tesla254

Twitter     @TeslaKenya