#MeetThePlug Up and Coming DJ HashTag from JKUAT

DJ Hash Tag is a professional disc jockey, an entertainer, a ‘youngin’ who loves music and a God fearing person who loves life.

What inspired your stage name?

Coming up with a catchy stage name was quite a daunting task for me. I came up with around 10 names. Then at the time it turned out that.

What inspired your entry into the deejaying industry?

My passion for music did you know, I have always loved music and musical shows since I was in primary school.

How long have you been in the deejaying industry?

I started off in the year 2015 but professionally I would say this is my second year.

How did the people around you react when you first told them you wanted to pursue Deejaying?

It wasn’t an easy task convincing my parents that I wanted to be a Dj. However it was a different case when it came to my big brother and my friends as they were all supportive.

What are some of the remarkable events you have had a chance to perform in?

I can’t even count because they are so many but I have been able to perform at Nyama Choma Fest, The Campus Pool Party Kenya and Industry 237 just to mention but a few.

How do you manage to juggle between school work and Deejaying?

It’s not so difficult because you know in campus the schedules are somehow flexible. In most cases I plan for my shows during my days off school.

Any challenges you have faced so far?

Of course, there are challenges in every industry. The major challenge I went through as a beginner was getting gigs and being able to convince clients that I was the perfect guy for the job.

Another challenge was getting the finances to buy deejaying equipment. For example a good DJ set up can cost up-to Ksh 600, 000 so you can see it’s expensive. Lastly I would say dealing with fake promoters and event organizers if you know what I mean.

How did you go about the challenges?

I just kept my eyes on the prize and stayed focused. I also stay creative and unique in my craft.

Any other DJ’s you look up-to?

Yes, in the International Scene I would say DJ Khaled while locally that would be DJ Joe Mfalme and DJ Kym Nickdee.

Any DJ’s you would love to work with in the future?

I do look forward to working with the very talented DJ Maphorisa from South Africa and our very own DJ Crème Dela Crème on his Epic Nation Projects.

What can we expect from you in the future?

A lot of new projects with being an upcoming TV music show. I am also working on a mentorship for young talented DJ’s and a lot of mixes both audio and video.

What advice would you give to other upcoming DJs?

Talent is just but a small percentage of what it takes to be a good entertainer in the Kenyan entertainment scene. There are some many other factors like consistency, perseverance and confidence. For you to be successful you have to make sure you get them all covered.

Where can we get your mixes?

 Hearthis @deejay-hashtag-Kenya

Mixcloud @djhashtage_254

 Video       @ Deejay HashTag Kenya

 YouTube @ Deejay HashTag Kenya

How can your fans reach you?

We can communicate on social media; Instagram @DjHashTag_254

Twitter @DjHashTag_254

Facebook @DjHashTag_254

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